6 Top Solutions when Error “An Operating system wasn’t found” Triggers your computer

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September 2, 2021


Plenty of errors could be triggered when you reboot your system, and one of them, “an operating system wasn’t found,” error is what we are going to discuss today. The error could show up when there is any software or logical failure. Let’s take you to the six solutions when your computer gets hit with […]

1. Check the power supply

6 Top Solutions when Error "An Operating system wasn't found" Triggers your computer

An unstable power connection can encounter such errors in your system and make your data inaccessible. Check the power supply if it is lower than usual and use suitable tools to check the power supply.

2. Check the connection between hard disk and computer

A loose connection between your system and the hard disk drive can be one of the culprits. Ensure the cable is not loose from both ends and check if the problem is resolved with this step.

3. BIOS configuration

Booting in your computer is controlled by BIOS settings, so make sure you haven’t changed the BIOS settings or haven’t updated the latest BIOS. Then, check the BIOS configuration to sort the problem.

4. Check hard disk

A failed hard disk drive can also contribute to such logical errors in a device. To check any computer hard disk drive problems, use the “chkdsk” tool by Windows. This will let you know any issues with the hard disk of the system by scanning them.

5. Check boot files

You must look for the boot files once; if any files are damaged or corrupted, then your computer may have to deal with errors. The only thing you need to do here is to repair the boot files or download new boot files from the website itself.

6. Data recovery expert

Resort to a specialist when you see all solutions have failed to prevent the problem. They have specialized tools that can help you prevent logical errors and failures in your computer.


With day-to-day work, you can experience failures or corruption in your computer due to various factors. Take out time to backup all your crucial files because these problems can encounter your system anytime. Take these six solutions to prevent errors and protect your device from data loss.

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