7 Essential Files and Folders that you should Never Delete on Windows

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August 11, 2021


Sometimes we need to get rid of full storage and clear large files in the storage space. But several files and folders are defaulted by windows and have been created to run the operating system smoothly. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Therefore, when it comes to clearing large files and folders occupying computer storage, you should never delete or modify these seven windows files and folders. If mistakenly done, it could crash your system and result in damaged files, lost data and unstable windows.To prevent any miserable data loss in your Windows computer, avoid deleting these seven windows files and folders.

Program files folder: Program files named folder contains all the programs that are installed in your PC by default. So deleting this folder will result in a crash or malfunction in the system and lead to data loss.

WinSxS folder: It comes under the windows folder that is abbreviated for windows side by side. The main function of this folder is to solve compatibility issues with Windows old versions and contains library files for the programs. So deleting it is a big no.

System32 folder: It also comes under the windows folder other than winsxs. This is because system32 contains many library files essential for default windows programs such as system boot, calculated or paint.

Windows folder: All the files and folders come under this folder, and it is crucial to run windows smoothly. That’s why it doesn’t require any modification or change by the user.

System volume information folder: This folder comes under the partition where P.C. windows is installed. System volume information contains several drive partition data where restore ports of your system is also located.

Swapfile.sys file: This file is contained in the root of your computer system drive. This file is required by the Windows operating system to save RAM data when P.C. goes hibernation mode. So one should avoid any modification in this file.

Pagefile.sys file: Similar to swapfile, the pagefile is under windows hidden files that function the RAM data to the hard drive of a PC. So, there should be no action taken against this file while clearing the storage space in your Computer.


Be cautious when you are deleting or modifying files on your computer. Messing up with these seven files and folders can perform serious damage to your system by crashing or damaging the windows operating system. In case you did, make sure to call a data recovery professional to get the best suitable data recovery solutions for accidentally deleted files and folders.

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