7 Signs that let you know your SD Card is Corrupted

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July 7, 2021


Smartphone and digital camera users are well known. About what SD card matters to them. All the valuable photos, videos, files and other things that are your SD card stores can be lost due to corruption in the SD card. Here are the seven most viewed signs that can tell you that your SD card […]

All files are not present

It is one of the most common signs of SD card corruption that shows you some missing files that might be important to you. All files are not present anymore; some of the pictures or recordings go missing.

Black screen: Severe damage to the SD card can result in a black screen in the camera. This is a sign that your device might be malfunctioning due to SD card corruption.

SD card not recognized: It is one of the most common signs when your cameras or phones don’t recognize your SD card after inserting them into the card reader.

Error messages: The device might detect the corrupted SD card; it may flash error messages like “ access is denied” on the screen.

Show no data: There could be some changes when your SD card doesn’t show any of the files and folders stored in the card. It shows there is no data or 0bytes data stored in the device incorrectly.

Read/write failure: Your SD card will no longer be able to save new files or write new data once it gets corrupted. This means it can not read the data also, which is a failure in the card.

Unknown files: Apart from disappearing your files, there could be some files that appear on the SD card. These suspicious unknown files could be a cause of virus infection in the device.


By knowing the early symptoms of SD card corruption, you may get enough time to back up the remaining data from the device to protect it from permanent data loss. In such a scenario, contact a data recovery specialist for professional SD card data recovery solutions.

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