7 Solutions to Prevent File System Corruption

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December 14, 2021


The file system manages user data like storing, updating, and more in a hard drive. When a file system gets corrupted, the hard drive can be unresponsive, and data becomes inaccessible. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Let’s prevent the file system corruption problem with these best seven tips we have introduced.

Reasons that cause file system corruption

Improper shutdown
Improper startup
Hardware failure
NFS write errors

Solutions to prevent the file system corruption

Avoid improper shutdown: As we know, improper shutdown results in file system corruption. So be cautious when you shut down the computer, avoid power interruptions with a UPS, and do not forget to close all the programs or applications before shutting down the computer.

Never delete system files: When you delete some files from the hard drive to free up space, avoid deleting system files. The files are necessary for the system to run; hence deleting them will cause corruption in the file system.

Kill virus or malware: One of the major causes of the corrupted file system can be a virus or malware attack. Scan the drive with a reliable antivirus program to prevent the virus or malware.

Disconnect external devices safely: Remove any drive safely because it can damage the file system when you don’t remove the external drive properly. Remove the drive in the “safe to remove hardware” option only.

Check power supply when converting: A file system conversion failure, i.e., FAT to NTFS, can lead to a corrupted file system. Check for stable power supply and connections before proceeding.

Keep a regular hard drive check: Having a regular checkup on the hard drive can remove many such problems. Use tools like “chkdsk,” disk utility (Mac) to ensure all issues are repaired in the hard drive.

Remove failure during system reinstallation: You need to keep an eye while reinstalling the system. Any interruption can cause file system corruption in the hard drive.


By checking all these solutions, you can prevent file system corruption and protect from data loss catastrophes in time.

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