An Overview of Hard Drive Head Crash

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September 18, 2021


Data stored in a laptop or computer can be compromised anytime the hard drive fails. Major factors causing hard disk drive failure are power failure, system corruption, malware or virus attack, human errors, etc., one of which physical failure in a hard disk is the most common one. Author Divya Jain View all posts

A hard drive can be drastically damaged because of physical damage, which results in a head crash. When the read/write head comes in contact with the magnetic disks, not only it damages the disk platter but also puts the stored data at risk.

As much as you use the damaged hard drive, the failure chances also increase, leading to permanent data loss. So, let’s have an overview of hard disk head crashes which will help you encounter the problems and eliminate data loss.

How is Head Crash Caused?

Multiple reasons affect the hard drive disk platter causing head crashes, including:

Wear and tear of the hard disk
Dust around the platter
Opening the hard disk
Poor manufacturing
Frequent use

What are the signs of the Head Crash in the Hard Drive?

A head crash in a hard drive can be identified with multiple signs that a hard drive shows. It can be shown when the computer is failing to boot, and the hard disk is making strange noises like grinding, whirring or clicking after a head crash.

Head Crash Prevention Tips

Whether you make all efforts to save the computer hard disk drive from a head crash, it will eventually occur after several years of use. But to minimize the chances of a hard drive head crash, you will need to handle the hard drive with care. Also, prevent any improper handling of the hard drive to protect it from a knock or fall.

What to do when a Head Crash happens to the Hard Drive?

As soon as you identify the hard drive head crash, follow these steps to eliminate data loss.

Stop all the operations in the hard drive
Turn off the computer
Plug out the power
Do not attempt DIY data recovery
Contact a hard drive data recovery specialist


You may not be able to bear the damage from a head crash without any expert skills and specialized tools. So you must connect with a data recovery specialist to get professional assistance. Also, you should be prepared with an effective data backup so you can have access to your data.

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