How Techchef can help you in External Hard Drive Recovery?

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February 21, 2020


External hard drives offer you great convenience with huge data storage capabilities. They allow a seamless sharing and storage of files with the ease of portability. But just like your other disk-based storage media, they are also vulnerable to data loss risks. In such instances, trusted services from Techchef experts for external hard drive recovery […]

Techchef offers specialized data recovery services for all types and models of external hard drives including:

Digital Data Tapes
Pen Drive Storage
CCTV/DVR media storage
Floppy disk drives

Apart from the aforementioned devices we also provide external hard drive recovery for mac.

Techchef’s specialized External Hard Drive Data Recovery Services cover

Logical External Hard Drive Data Recovery –Logical recovery of external hard drive entails to data inaccessibility when the device is still physically active. This may occur due to virus infection, corruption, file deletion, lost partition, or accidental reformatting.

Physical Hard Drive Data RecoveryPhysical recovery of external hard drive refers to physical or mechanical impairment in the device. This can occur due to motor failure, PCB damage, or crashed head.

External Hard Drive Data Recovery from a Natural Disaster –Our specialists can recover data from your devices even if it has been affected by natural catastrophic conditions such as earthquakes, floods, fire, hurricanes, tornados, and lightning strike.

Avoid the need for External hard drive recovery free software and resort to these good habits to avoid potential risks –

Keep your external hard drive away from water, fire, and high temperature.
When not in use disconnect the external hard drive.
Avoid editing files directly on the external hard drive.
Before disconnecting make sure to eject the hard drive from the system.
Keep your external hard drive in a disk enclosure.

Why choose Techchef services for external hard drive recovery?

Equipped: Sizeable in-house inventory for accessories. Our hardware replacement will be well-timed and won’t compromise external hard drive repair mac.
State-Of-The-Art: Optimum data recovery results with high-grade technology.
Service Provisions: External hard drive recovery service options to meet every need.
Speed: Fast service turnaround time and the highest external hard drive repair success rate.

 Use Trustworthy Professional Data Recovery Services

When faced with data loss situation remember to choose an authorized service provider. Just don’t hit “external hard drive repair near me”and pick the random organization. Additionally, do not fall prey to external hard drive recovery free software available online.

When hiring a company check its reviews, track record, and professional accreditations. For external hard drive recovery for mac and other gadgets, you can always count upon Techchef. We are an ISO/IEC certified company providing Data Recovery and Sanitization services across India.

PS: It is not recommended to download any external hard drive recovery software freeas it may impair your device further.

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