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Data recovery from a failed SSD is not easy. Although many people wonder what are the possibilities of data recovery from a failed SSD. It depends upon how the drive has failed and how severe the condition is. Author Kajal Aswal View all posts

SSD drives are gaining popularity and in fact, are popular in recent times. But at the same time users are having a lot of issues regarding the SSD. Is it possible to recover the lost data from a failed SSD is a common question that needs a relative answer? Only a tech geek can tell you how severe the SSD failure is and how to retrieve the data from the crashed SSD.

When SSD was introduced in the market, they were appreciated for their speed and reliability, which for now is still something that attracts a lot of audiences. The user assumes that without the mechanical part it is likely less to suffer and not getting caught up with any failure ever. However, the electrical parts used in it are also possessed to certain risks and complications that cannot be ignored.

The Questions that you probably have in your mind:

How to recover my failed SSD?
If my SSD has failed or crashed what are the chances of recovery rate?
Can 100% of data be retrieved from my failed SSD?
What shall I do if I experience my SSD to fail?

SSD Failure is a Nightmare

If you assume SSD does not have anything to do with failure and no failure point exists in it, sorry to burst your bubbles but they do experience failure.

Like mechanical drives that get affected through the physical wear and tear, the problem with SSD is its electrical component that does get affected over time while using it.

As with any other manufacturer product, the material defect or single component defect can ruin the longevity and operations of the SSD.

There are too many components combined to the making of the product like a chip, power supplies, capacitor, and so on, the list goes on and the functioning of all seamlessly may not be possible.

As with any product, the maximum use of it will show the impact of it, and thus backup is essential and it’s a smart choice for most business owners to think and be right one step ahead.

What are the most common issues of SSD failure?

There was an estimate that comes out through the research which indicated the 4 major reasons for SSD failure. These reasons were also rated in terms of % that gives us clarity of the maximum and minimum chances for the failure of SSD around the globe. Let’s look at the chart to get clarity:

50% chances of SSD failure arrives from Logical reasons
30% failure for SSD comes from Electronic defects that are uncontrollable
15% of the complication in SSD arrives due to firmware, ransomware, and virus which are controllable if taken prior action
Rest 5% of the chart states the SSD failure due to accidental deletion and human error which again is uncontrollable and humans make mistakes commonly.

With this estimate it is clear that logical reasoning could be anything like a flash memory card failed, components break down, expiry of one of the components, part replacement, and so on. Most of the common ones that are now rising are the electronic and firmware issues.

Electronic Issues:

When an individual component in a chain that compromises in these drives is old and gets rustic, damaged, and unfunctional, this instance can have a significant impact on the practical conditioning of your drive.

The unprotected hard drive that is directly exposed to power surges, the supply line is going to experience premature expiry and performance failure degrading.

You need to ensure that the quality control track is maintained, measured, and upgraded to never experience the problem later.

Firmware Problems:

Another pretty common in today’s scenario is the firmware issues, that is because of the low-level security and control that a software feature. This normally lets your SSD get affected and the performance decreased. When the firmware is corrupted, the SSD brain does not know how to access your data memory stored in it.

Firmware failure is potentially occurring when there is an update that gets interrupted and causes a little complication in the functioning. Electronic failures are also a problematic cause that occurs within the controller which are usually housing the firmware instruction. One can also not deny the software bugs which are quite common!

Steps to recover data from failed SSD:

The following are a few steps or precautionary measures that you can take to recover your data from the failed SSD.

Never format or attempt to repair it on your own

A logically failed SSD if turns RAW or is simply inaccessible might get fixed if formatting is done, but you can also not ignore the fact here is, your data will be erased permanently after the format. In such a situation, data loss, which is like an asset to the business can be lost forever. This is the last thing you want to experience after being miserable SSD failure.

Thus, it is best recommended that you should never do spontaneous formatting of your corrupt SSD, even if the device prompts you to do it, you should never handle it on your own without taking expert’s approval.

Do not try to repair a logically failed and corrupted SSD, this will lead to forever regretting.

Perform SSD failure recovery with the help of Data recovery tool

Now that you know the situation is out of control and requires immediate assistance, formatting is the last option to think of. You can consider relying on a professional data recovery software, it is proven to be the best way to retrieve all your lost data in a matter of time.

Although you may not be aware of its operation, so make sure you know how to handle the software. Things like SSD are very sensitive and complex, a single error, and can lead you in trouble losing all the data stored in it.

This software can easily be downloaded through the data recovery tool and once downloaded it can be launched as a software. Make sure you scan the recovery tool process first and then follow the rest procedure.

If you are not sure how to go about it, the best thing to do is seek help from a professional data recovery service provider. They will ensure that the software-based recovery is a success.

Some key statistical Observation with SSD Failure, performance & Usage:

Not all SSD delivers the same reliability.

The annual replacement rate of this device is 0.07 to 1.2% only of the entire population of 0.22 percent.

Even after about 2 or 3 years of using flash wear out, you have consumed only less than 2% average.

The drivers with less experience of usage have higher replacement rates

The capacity level and the cell-sized that are employed in the SSD drive is what led to the highest replacement rate

Generally, it is stated that SSD is more durable and lasting than HDD, and even in extremely harsh conditions or environments, you won’t see them breaking down due to not having any moving parts. SDD holds the capacity to even withdraw the accidental dropping, shock, vibration, temperature fluctuation, and magnetic field too.

A bug in window 10 might lead to a serious impact on the SSD

The latest update in the window is bringing disk management feature, the update may do permanent damage to the laptop‘s SSD.

The update that happened in May 2020 did hold several useful features, but there were also a few issues that it brought in.

One most serious was a bug that was breaking the drive optimize tool miserably and being addressed in Window 10, currently only accessible to Window insider.

The update was damaging SSD. This issue would not have happened if the drive was optimized well.

The drive tool would be running as well even if the restart takes place, which means the SSD was defragged far more than needed that impacted the health of your SSD.

The defragging adds to the wear and tear of SSD nature, and being sensitive and fragile it is defecting the performance.


One thing is clear that a mere update can as well affect the SSD, and this is something anyone can face. Regardless of how amazing or smooth your SSD is running currently, anytime, it can catch up with a problem that requires immediate attention. Make sure you do a proper backup of all your data stored in it. Also, if you have forgotten to do it, do not lose hope, as there are data recovery service providers like Techchef, capable of removing you out of the mess.

Data Recovery Expert Techchef in the business for SDD recovery.

Failed SSD is like a failure in your business, losing your data, the valuable asset isn’t something that can please you. But it holds the potential to give you a nightmare for life. Make sure that in a crisis like this a proper management plan is present if not, you can also reach Techchef.

We are in the business for several years now and understand how to go about data recovery especially in a fragile drive like SSD. We have experts who have served many clients to date and know the ins and out.

If you ever feel the need to seek assistance, immediately call us and we will make sure your data and SSD is protected like it. We handle the recovery with professional tools and a cleanroom environment is maintained. The charges are affordable and extremely worth it!

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