Can SSDs Completely Take Over Hard Disk Drives?

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September 3, 2021


With the advent of technology, a solid-state drive is fastly taking place in the market. Users are getting carried away looking at the advanced features of solid-state drives over the traditional hard drive. Author Divya Jain View all posts

People who are thinking of upgrading their old hard disk drive to an SSD may see only the good side of it, neglecting the flaws. Here are four things to consider before you believe SSD are reliable over a hard drive.

SSD are not always Flawless: Solid-state drives are getting more attention because of better reliability, longevity and durability, but they might miss the fact that they can be flawed, sometimes compromising your valuable data.

Because it has limited read/write cycles, the more you write data, the more it wears out. SSDs also degrade as time passes and could be corrupted as well.

Costly than an ordinary hard disk drive: You might wonder why SSD are more expensive than HDDs? Hard disk drives are more cost-effective than solid-state drives.

Yes, they have decent features like fast performance, better durability and longer life. However, it could be affordable and costlier both depending upon the storage capacity you are looking for. The more the capacity, the more expensive an SSD is.

Better in performance: Apart from the flaws, SSd always wins in the speed factor if we talk about its highlights. That’s why an SSD is supposed to be system driven to computers when it comes to high speed for better performance.

However, data storage is not what SSD is so good at, as this can degrade the SSD’s performance.

Hybrid drive over SSD: A hybrid hard drive is a new trend in the market that could take over more than a solid-state drive on a hard drive.

The hybrid drive includes solid-state and hard disk drives containing a certain amount of SSD storage with hard drive storage. It is faster, cheaper, durable and reliable as well.


The points discussed above don’t indicate the solid-state drive could be a wrong choice for you, but to clear things out, how many could be misinterpreted with available information. Depending on the budget, and requirement you can self analyse which would be better for you between an SSD or HDD. However, both are prone to failures and damages, so you need to beware whenever you handle the device.

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