Can We Recover Permanently Deleted Files from TRIM enabled SSD Drive?

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September 30, 2020


Are you facing some issues while recovering permanently deleted files from the SSD trim? You are probably looking for answers and searching for a reliable solution to the problem. Don’t worry, your search ends here as we are going to discuss a few of the best ways to instantly help you recover deleted files from […]

The possible measure is to reach a data recovery service provider. They use preventative measures, techniques, tools to make sure recovery is done in no time. They also tend to improve the performance of the drive and give users a seamless experience. Here is a guide to everything that can brief you about TRIM based SSDs:

The rise in the use of SSD

This is true that Solid-state drive tends to improve the performance of the computer and has a lot of advantages, features provided with it. For instance, you cannot expect SSD to have moving parts inside, with no mechanical issues or head damage failure. SSD is efficient and it makes the PC run smoothly and is increasingly cheaper than before. Thus, the popularity that SSDs have gained is unimaginable yet amazing.

What’s a TRIM feature on SSD?

As for the TRIM feature, as soon as you delete the data from a TRIM enabled SSD, the drive will clear all the sectors and permanent deletion of the data from the sector takes place. 

TRIM is said to be the advanced, latest, and pretty awesome feature added in the new version of SSD. 

It helps the user speed up the data writing and clears the flash memory immediately as soon as you delete any data from it. 

TRIM will inform the PC about the free data sector available to write new data after the old ones are deleted. 

In simple words, as soon as there is an empty block after deletion or erasure of data, the information is spread across the PC.

What are the prominent Causes of Data loss in SSD? 

Issues can arise out of nowhere and make the data loss as a complex situation. Digital devices are unpredictable, the one-day component works fine and the other day it’s been violated or corrupted due to multiple factors. This is one cause why your stored data in the drive becomes inaccessible, and to know the common reasons behind the data loss here is what you must know.

By mistakenly deleting the entire data stored in SSD
Due to the constant interruption of system shutdown, power failure, disconnecting memory card frequently.
Unexpected formatting of your drive can make the entire stored data inaccessible in no time.
Hard drive bad sector.
Virus, Malware, hacker attack to the SSD drive resulting in data loss.
Overheating to the drive can also corrupt and result in the storage being affected.

The complications cannot be ignored in TRIM featured SSD.

A lot has changed over time! Technology is getting advanced and upgraded every day. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never face any complication with it. The more advance is the technology, the more difficult it gives to the user. 

If you expect your SSD to be flawless, you are wrong here. They can fail and bring you into a miserably unwanted situation. Internal data stored in the device suffers as well if the drive fails and hence the rise of data back evolved. 

If SSD gets damaged and files in it are corrupted, to retrieve the data through backup becomes seamless on the other hand, with no backup, recovery becomes harder than ever! 

SSDs are getting advanced and complicated both at the same speed. It also comes with a TRIM feature which seems to be helpful to an extent but faces unique troubles as well.

Preventative measures to avoid TRIM based SSD File deletion.

Making a second copy of all your files is the smartest possible idea. Make sure you always keep a backup of your files before importing it and create a duplicate.

Make sure you have an antivirus program with you, this allows you to make constant scanning of the device. With the help of the antivirus, you can easily understand and spot malware, virus, and corrupt files or folders. Thus, allowing you to take preventative measures to face the data loss situation. 

Unexpected power failure or shutdown will lead your drive to malfunction resulting in a data loss situation. To avoid it, you must take necessary measures and ensure smooth power supply is generated.

Overheating is and has been the biggest reason for drive failure and data loss. Overheating does the damage to your SSD and to cool down it will require a lot of time and patience. But this is simply affecting the performance of your drive so it is best to check the fan constantly. This can make sure you are aware of the ventilation issues in advance.

“The Data Breach Issue in India is Rising and causing Data loss in TRIM based SSD”- Source

According to the cybersecurity report, 53% of the cyber-attack has resulted in financial damage and that is causing about $500K for the organization. This estimate was for the year 2018 so one can imagine the current position of data breach issue in India. 

IT and financial institutions were the only adopters in the earlier time to switch to cyber insurance, but now we see the shift is going to IT, manufacturer, retail, R&D, IP, Hospitality, and so on.  The average cost in India towards data breach issues has risen to above 7.9%. This is proof that data breach is also one biggest issue that has led to data failure, loss, and reputation of the company going in vain. It is no hidden that India ranks on the second position for being affected badly by cyber-attacks, and some companies are switching to backup and safety measures as well. 

Many top brands have encountered data breach issues, brands like food tech, Zomato, food tech, freshmen, early salary, and a lot more. Imagine if big brands like these can suffer a data breach and data loss, where do you and your company stand? SSDs are already delicate, plus the TRIM based feature makes it more complex to handle. Be it any reason for your data loss, you have to make immediate assistance to get rid of the problem. 

The Major difficulty to recover deleted files on TRIM based SSD

The older generation of SSD without TRIM was far better than the current ones when you compare it for data recovery possibility. Recovering data after the file is permanently deleted due to the TRIM based feature is such a great challenge and can lead you in stress.

Although only tech professionals are aware that your files, deleted are still stored somewhere, intact, and in good condition. There is no denying to the fact that the TRIM based SSD is pretty hard to recover, but we cannot term it as impossible.

Is it Possible to disable TRIM?

You can disable TRIM from preventing it for the complete deletion of your files. But here are a few things you have to understand before taking certain steps like such.

Disabling TRIM will have a certain impact on the performance of the SSD.
Disability TRIM would stop the function of permanent data deleting.
Keeping TRIM disable will ensure that the data recovery process gets seamless and you.
can also stop using SSD as soon as you lost your valuable data.

Now that you know how to, you can make use of it and see how you secure your data suitably. The latest SSD version might be great, but some features may trouble you so be double sure when to use it. 

Techchef has prominent arecovery expert with SSD knowledge.

Nothing in this world is impossible for a tech geek. Especially the one at Techchef, who are providing services for several years. Now that they can recover anything. No matter how big or small, mini, or complex your data loss situation is for SSD. Our TRIM based SSD data recovery solution is meant to make your stress go away completely.

We are certified, skilled, and talented professionals, performing recovery in the cleanroom environment, ensuring that your crucial data is accessed to only a few but the best-skilled team. We promise not to make your secured information out in public and do not make any unlawful use of it too.  

We follow a standard protocol and ensure that the customers get benefits by us, as we promise to recover 100% data. We know the complexity found in data recovery for TRIM based SDD, but our knowledge doesn’t let the data loss be an issue. Contact us and ensure that your data recovery takes places in no time.

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