Can we recover the erased data from the SD?

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June 20, 2022


Nothing gives a panic attack then deletion of data accidentally. We have heard and recovered hundreds of such cases and we are very much familiar with the situation. You may have accidentally deleted the files from SD card but fortunately, these files are not permanently lost. When the data is logically erased from the card, […]

Here in this article we will be sharing some important tricks to recover your deleted data from your SD card. Read the article below and know some facts and tricks. Let us first understand what are the different ways when your data is erased or becomes inaccessible.

Here are some of the most obvious reasons, why you lose media from your SD card:

Physical damage
Human error
Formatting of the SD card
Accidental deletion
Improper removal of SD card from a device
Crashed desktop or laptop resulted in corruption of media
Virus and malware attack
Power outage
Liquid spill on SD card
Mechanical or logical breakdown due to continuous working for many years.

Now let us read the 5 steps of recovery that given below:

Download and install Disk drill from its Website.
Launch Disk drill and then connect your SD.
Scan your SD and select the right SD memory card.
Select files that you want to restore.
Finally, you get your data back. Check the data on its location.

To avoid such panic situation in future you can follow these simple tips to keep your SD card healthy:

Keep it free from viruses and malware attacks
Frequently clean it or delete unnecessary files or media.
Use it safely while connecting to any portable device. And check it after connecting.
Keep it away from liquid spill.
Timely update.
Replacement of SD card, if it is 4-5 years old.
Keep it safe from power outage.
Be extra cautious that your mistakes won’t land up in such a data loss situation.
Read instructions carefully if any error occurs after connecting it.
Be very careful while uploading, transferring or downloading files or media.

You can also recover your erased data through the help of a professional data recovery company so that you don’t end up losing your data. Expert recovery IT professionals are experienced enough to understand your case and advise you accordingly. They ensure the safety and security of your data.

If you want to take professional advice for the safety of your device, then do not hesitate to contact Techchef Data Recovery Company. The IT professionals have more than 10years of recovery experience and resulted in hundreds of successful data recovery. To know more about us, visit our official website or contact us at 1800-313-1737.

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