Can you Recover Overwritten Data?

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September 24, 2021


Data loss in a hard disk drive is a common scenario that can fall when hard drives suffer physical or logical failures. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Factors like human error, power failure, hardware or software corruption can lead to hard drive data loss.

Although, it is questionable if overwritten data in the hard disk can be recovered or not? We have discussed the scenario below to conclude if recovery of overwritten data is possible or not.

1. How data becomes inaccessible: Multiple factors result in data corruption and data loss, but we are discussing two prominent factors here.

2. Accidental data deletion: Data removal or accidentally deleting data can mistakenly take place when you mistakenly delete data or crucial files. However, the data deleted from the device, stored in a magnetic hard drive, can still be restored.

3. Hard disk format: When you format a hard disk, all the data from the file system is erased. Although, the formatted data which is erased from the file system of the hard drive could be found in the magnetic disk, which can be recovered.

4. Overwritten data: When data is overwritten in the disk, it indicates that the magnetic field in the disk is re-arranged. It means that the data is physically erased from the disk platter, which is impossible to recover. Ultimately, it is impossible to recover overwritten data from a hard disk drive.


Hard disk data recovery experts have multiple specialized tools to recover data from damaged or failed hard drives. But, there are some scenarios when no specialist can help you despite expertise and tools, like recovering overwritten data. The only solution to rescue data loss from overwritten data in a hard disk is to keep updated data backup. Up-to-date backup of your crucial files prevents data loss amidst hard drive damages or failures.

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