Causes of a Pen Drive Data Loss and Data Recovery Solutions

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March 23, 2021


Have you been storing your college files or office documents in your favorite pendrive or USB drive? Of course! The portability, durability, and ease of accessing data are the key characteristics of a pen drive that makes it an incompatible choice. However, a pen drive or USB flash drive is susceptible to various failures and […]

Reasons that cause USB data loss

There are several reasons dur to which your data stored in the pen drive disappears in a snap that can cause anxiety in your head.

Accidental file deletion
Malware infected files
Data fragmentation
Extreme conditions (too much moisture, heat, etc.)
Hardware failure
Software corruption
Unstable power supply

Precautions to take after a USB Drive Failure

Regardless of the pen drive failure, you have to make sure of a few things and take preventive measures to reduce the risk of further data loss from your pen drive. It might help to make pen drive data recovery more successful.

1.Stop the use immediately: After you detect any failure or damage in your USB drive, make sure to stop using your pen drive to protect it from further data loss.

2.Disconnect from device: Dismount the failed pen drive from the computer or laptop and store it somewhere safe until the data recovery process starts.

3.Avoid copying data: If you try to copy data from a failed USB drive, you can lose all your files permanently before any recovery process is performed on the drive.

Recover Lost Data from a Failed USB Drive

You can try to retrieve your deleted or lost data to render it accessible with these three methods when your USB or pen drive fails.

Recover data with CMD

CMD stands for Command Prompt, an integral part of all Windows installations that support all commands. Follow the command guide to complete the recovery process, and it may restore your missing files from your failed USB drive successfully.

There might be some voids in this recovery process as it is limited only to Windows OS and not to other OS devices. Moreover, it is a complex procedure, so it should be avoided if you are a novice, and also, there’s no guarantee.

Third-party tools

Plenty of third-party data recovery tools are available online that can be used to recover lost data from your pen drive. It is a user-friendly tool and a pocket-friendly choice to access your precious files back.

Though recovery from a tool or software can be technical and can’t be helpful in physical pendrive failure.

Professional pen drive data recovery service

A professional data recovery service is the best choice to get back your lost valuable data. The specialists have years of experience as well as tools and techniques to recover failed pendrive with 100% success rates.


You should never avoid the fact that any device can be exposed to failures and damages that can lose your essential files even if it is durable. You should be prepared with a backup of your important file to avoid a last-minute rush and panic. Always keep in contact with a pen drive data recovery specialist to treat your failed USB drive at the right time.

Why Choose Techchef ?

Techchef is the best data recovery service provider that has experts with 15+ years of experience recovering data from all types of pen drives with any complicated data loss case. We have professional tools and techniques to ensure the best data recovery solutions with 100% recovery success guaranteed.

Contact us best in class solutions for failed or corrupted pen drive.

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