Can You Completely Wipe a Hard Drive?

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June 19, 2019


When you have to change the hard drive or replace your computer system, merely deletion of files or formatting your hard drive is insufficient to assure data privacy, as another user can easily recover the lost data by using suitable recovery software. In this situation, Author Divya Jain View all posts

you have to search for an effective solution, which lets you remove all data present in your computer hard drive permanently to make sure about the protection of your personal data. Accordingly, you should seek Hard Drive Disposal Services to wipe out data from your hard drive completely.

Quick Steps to Wipe any Hard Drive

Most of the times, computer users ask a common question whether they are able to wipe out data stored in any hard drive. For this, experts delivering Hard Disk Data Erasing Services have said yes, it is possible but one has to follow the mentioned steps-

Wipe Data Completely by Simply Resetting the PC

One of the best ways to wipe data from your computer is to use the reset feature in any of the Windows 8 and higher versions at the time of reinstalling the operating system with an option to delete or wipe everything present on the hard drive. Especially, if you have Windows 10, you should try the mentioned steps to erase the hard disk.

Click on the Start menu and select the option of Settings to find the option of Update and Security.
Click on the Recovery option present on the option of left navigation and click on the button of Get Started present under the section of ‘Reset this PC’.
Select the option of ‘Remove Everything’ to remove each of your personal settings, apps, files, while starting your computer again.
Now, once the PC asks to clean the drive, you have to select the respective option. The cleaning process may require some time but it guarantees that no other user may recover the erased files.

Therefore, by following a few of the simple and easy steps, you will wipe the hard drive easily.

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