Data Destruction: Importance and its types for growing your business better

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December 31, 2020


Majorly businesses nowadays rely on the IT industry that avail professional data destruction services. It’s proved to be a good practice in a business to safely dispose of data from computers, laptops, or hard drives that are not in use. Companies intending to reselling, reusing, or recycling devices find the destruction of data service relevant. […]

You might not know that only deleting or formatting data from a system or hard disk doesn’t make it permanently deleted, it is still located in the disk platter that only could be recovered by an expert.

Data destruction is a vital practice for a business to get rid of data breaches by hackers because they can easily access data from devices whether old or damaged. They are specialized in breaching data even from a single bit of information left on the hard disk.

Why data destruction is important

In the last decade, businesses have faced an increase in data breaches due to a lack of secure data disposal that left their data vulnerable to security incidents. When this scenario occurs in a Business there are possibilities to pay stiff fines and penalties that eventually account for the loss of customer trust and damage to your brand.

A smart CEO should always invest in professional data disposal service providers to shield his business from any hefty fines by disposing of data safely and benefit from devices for different purposes without any worry of data security.

Disk data destruction is nothing but the process of removing data from hard disk forever in multiple data disposing of ways. Not only you will get peace of mind but also you will be able to make space in your laptop or PCs for other beneficial purposes.

Types of data destruction

Depending on the need here are 4 types of data destruction mentioned variedly depending on the purposes

1. Data wiping: Simply, the process of data wiping is overwriting the data with 0-1 digit and random characters that makes data unreadable.

2. Data erasure: It is another form of overwriting data that destroy all stored data on hard drive and businesses are certified with data erasure proofs.

3. Data degaussing: Degaussing is a method of rearranging the data present on a disk by demagnetizing and disrupting the magnetic field of an electronic device.

4. Physical destruction: As the name refers, destruction of data is performed by physically destroying devices that are to be recycled and it’s an efficient way of getting rid of data for organizations and businesses.

Whether you go for your personal or professional data destruction, it’s going to be worth that can profit you in many ways. Individuals who are willing to sell their spare hard disks, laptop, or computers can earn some bucks and for businesses, it will be effective for making space in the systems for more productive work.

Why Techchef is the best choice?

We at Techchef assure you the best data destruction solutions with our top-class engineers that are experienced in practicing data destruction for more than a decade. with our Asia erasure partner Blancco, Techchef ensures the safest data erasure with professional tools and techniques. We provide certificates to our customers for their safe business compliance on every data wiping and erasure service.
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