Data Recovery after RAID 5 failure

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January 13, 2021


RAID array system is a tremendous way to store large data simultaneously in multiple disks with a vivid level of redundancy but people still require RAID data recovery methods as the redundancy level doesn’t guarantee any lifetime protection from data loss calamities. Author Divya Jain View all posts

There are various RAID configurations of 0, 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, and more but the most used across storage system is the RAID 5 configuration that has fewer disks utilized while still maintaining redundancy.

RAID data loss can occur due to accidental data deletion, parity loss or it may wear down with time.

All about RAID 5 before digging into RAID data recovery methods

A single RAID 5 system has a minimum of three hard disk array systems. The data you save or edit is written and equally distributed to multiple drives at the same time. It is the most popular RAID configuration for archival, database environment, and more data storage.
The main highlight of RAID 5 is that consumers choose it as it offers redundancy across the disk. However, the level of redundancy doesn’t make the system failure-proof. Due to user error, environment damage, improper handling, physical failure, or a power outage, data loss catastrophes occurs and the need for RAID data recovery urges.
The first and most important action to take in respect of protecting the RAID array from any further data loss is to shut down the system.

Causes of RAID 5 failure

Failed rebuild attempt
RAID controller malfunction
Multiple disk corruption
RAID disk failure after a system upgrade
Missing RAID partition
Accidental data reformat

RAID Data recovery solutions after a RAID 5 array system failure

When you realize your RAID 5 configuration has failed and you have lost your precious data then immediately contact a RAID data recovery specialist or service provider that can effectively restore your database with professionalism and offer complete data security.

It is quite an expensive solution to recover data from your failed RAID configuration but the immense and efficient efforts and devoted work hours of a professional are worth the pay.
Important instructions in respect of data recovery of your RAID 5 system:

1. Turn down the system: Immediately shut down the system when RAID is receiving error messages to prevent any further data loss.

2. Contact the specialist: Call a professional data recovery service provider and give details about your RAID failure.

3. Pack the system securely: Improper packaging of your array system can give further damage that can permanently lose your critical data stored in it.

4. Keep backup: Create an effective backup plan to prevent any further data loss catastrophes in the future.

Sum up: RAID 5 is a great choice to upgrade data storage for large databases and accessing any database faster. Due to the high level of redundancy, this configuration is mostly utilized to store and access databases in business entities to avoid any data loss situation but it’s still not damage proof.

Businesses tend to lose data due to human error, mechanical or logical errors that render data inaccessible from RAID 5 configuration. Learning, Preventing, as well as practicing RAID data recovery should be implemented at right time to save your system from any failures.

Always keep connected with a data recovery specialist so that at the time of failure immediate action can be taken and your critical business and individual files can be saved.

Choose Techchef to safeguard your RAID 5 from any failure

Techchef is arguably the most trusted and appreciated data recovery service provider that offers expert solutions for failed RAID array systems. Our expert engineers initially analyze all the faults and then immensely work on the tedious task with dedicated tools and advanced techniques to get your data back at any cost with the best results.

Techchef promises the safest data security and prioritizes to cover all your data loss worries by assuring you 100% data recovery success guaranteed.

Here are some points that make Techchef  better choice than other services

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