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March 4, 2021


After the SSD laned in the market, it stepped over Hard disk drives, and people hailed it for speed and reliability. Author Divya Jain View all posts

As an SSD has no moving parts like a hard disk drive, it is less likely to suffer any mechanical failures. Hence, a Solid-state drive lasts longer and performs better over an extended period.

You might have gotten rid of the old hard disk drive and bought a brand new Solid-state drive, but it can also fail despite durability and reliability. The question that pops in mind that how does an SDD fail? Can you recover lost data from a failed SSD?

Why does an SSD fail?

SSD is not a mechanical component and thus survives longer than a mechanical made hard disk drive. SSD mechanism includes no moving arms or spinning disk, but it doesn’t mean it will never fail.

Capacitors degrade over time
Power supply breaks
Controller chip fail

The SSD wear rate depends on three specifications, checked by SSD manufacturers before releasing it to consumers.

P/E cycle: A program-erase cycle is a process where data written in an SSD memory block, erased or rewritten, completes one cycle. The total number of cycles and SSD can withstand technology, hardware, and the manufacturer. P/E cycles can range from a minimum of 500 to a high amount of 100,000.

TBW: The Terabyte write can show how much data can be written before the SSD fails. An SSD with 250 GB may have up to 150 TBW whereas, an SSD of 1TB may have upto 600TBW; the TBW also depends on manufacturer and SSD technology.

MTBF: The measurement of time between factors tells SSD reliability over an expected lifetime, under regular operation, and measured in tens of thousands of hours.

Can data be recovered from a failed Solid-state drive?

A failed solid-state drive gives no such warnings as a hard disk drive like a buzz, grind, or a clicking sound. When it’s working, it is all good, but when it stops, the SSD fails, and all of your critical data render inaccessible to you now.

Recovering data from a failed SSD is possible

Data recovery software

Search for a user-friendly SSD data recovery tool, and you will find plenty of them; the only challenge comes when you measure the extent of the failure of the SSD. Not only the SSD status but data recovery software is not much reliable every time

Not for novice
Incomplete scan sometimes
No guarantee
Not for broken SSD
Security threats on data

Failed SSD data recovery service

A specialist or SSD data recovery service provider could give you the best results you ask for. The chances of recovering data from a failed SSD by a specialist are higher with dedicated tools and techniques they are experienced with. They provide a max of up to 100% recovery rates and guarantee data recovery. Your data remains private and secured with professional data recovery services.


An SSD might not be having mechanical parts like a hard drive, but the SSD longevity and reliability can be affected majorly by elements degrade over time and power surges. A solid-state drive’s failure can render data inaccessible with no early warning or strange sound indications like a hard disk drive. The best way to protect your data is to regularize backup online or offline. If you lack data backup, then data recovery is what you need.

Why rely on Techchef for data recovery?

Techchef is the most reliable and most trusted data recovery company with 20000+ satisfied customers in 8000+ pin codes all over India. India’s #1 SSD data recovery service assures up to 100% recovery success with engineers with 15+ years of experience recovering data from failed or broken SSD. We work on any complicated data loss situation extensively and commit 100% satisfaction by providing them the best class data recovery solutions.

Recover data from your broken, failed, or corrupted SSD; call us at 011-42657780, 9811852101 for a free consultation for the best SSD data recovery solutions.

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