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Techchef is the most reputable Laptop Data Recovery company in India. As you might already be aware, the hard drives that come with laptops are more susceptible to damage than those which are installed in desktop PCs because of portability issues. For instance, an individual who prefers browsing the Internet from a coffee shop risks spilling fluids on the front panel of his laptop – this has the potential to cause mechanical failures in its storage device. Most laptop manufacturers currently ship them with a separate Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Drive Disk (HDD). The SSD acts as the boot device that stores system files. If the design of a laptop is flexible enough, a conventional hard drive might be included to offer a larger storage capacity for bulk files.

Why Techchef for Laptop Data Recovery Services

Our engineers have the ability to recover data from SSDs and HDDs. Note that whether your data has been rendered inaccessible due to a mechanical problem or corrupt data in logical volumes, our team will carefully diagnose the problem and come up with an effective solution for it. We have been solving data recovery problems for the last fifteen years in which we recorded a 95% success rate. This gives us the confidence to reassure you that you will get your data back in one piece just a day or two latter from the moment you ship your laptop to us.

Ship Hardware/Laptop for Data Recovery

Techchef Data Recovery recommends clients not to disassemble their laptops while shipping their damaged drives to us. Our team has better tools and techniques that they use to recover data from laptops without damaging other components or causing too much disfiguration. These include ultralaptops that have an intricate designs that are often too complex for non-professionals to fathom. We will never want to leave a single scratch on the body of your gadget.

How To Reach For Laptop Data Recovery?

You can ship your laptop to us after receiving instructions from one of our customer care representatives. If you leave close to one of our branch offices, consider paying us a visit instead.

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Shruti Bhatia
  • 5/5

I got my 320 GB laptop hard disk data recovered at this place. Overall good service. Satisfied with recovery results.