How to Recover Data from a Water Damaged Laptop?

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August 31, 2020


Modern data are powerful, portable, and equipped with advanced techniques, technologies, and other capabilities. The seamless connectivity and vast memory, faster functions, and portability, all the feature simply enhances the performance of the machine to a greater extent. This means that most of the laptops that we use and that are currently on sale are […]

How to Recover Data from a Water Damaged Laptop?

Your laptop may get damaged badly due to accidentally spilling water or any other liquid fluids. This simple can be disastrous as if it happens when you are doing really important work, saving a document, or a project, you might want it back.

Water, unfortunately, damages the internal electronic components and this includes storage media that can also result in the permanent loss of data. Here is a guide on how to recover data from a water damaged laptop.

Laptop Damage Occurs very often and this can be because of:

Dust and Dirt: Although this may not seem to be complex, but, dust and dirt have chances to spoil the laptop and create particles while residing into your laptop’s critical areas. Later resulting in complications.

Water & Extreme Moist environment: Electronic equipment is highly sensitive to water. Even if you buy a laptop that says water resistance, you still have to doubt on the capability of that. Chances are if not now, later it will have an impact on the functioning of your device and you shouldn’t risk it at all.

Fire and Acid Spilled: Fire damage can occur, but this is not a frequently occurring problem. This happens hardly 1 in 10 laptop damage cases, but if it does, the severity of laptop damage and the condition will be very bad.

Hard Drive clicking: Shock or wear is a possible reason for your device getting clicking sound in the hard drive. This is also a complex problem if not treated rightly on time. Out of all, the water damage is very severe and it has to be handled with care and with a proper expertise solution.

How to handle water damage to your laptop?

A water damage laptop might or might not survive based on the severity of the incident that happened. It depends on how much of the water got spilled inside the keyboards and did harm the inner mechanism or not? Even if the water hasn’t reached a critical component, chances are it can anytime lead to corrosion.

Thus, without knowing the actual scenario, ensure that you are completely aware of the laptop’s condition. If not, there are few precautionary measures provided here. This can help you understand what must and what must not be done to safely handle and recover data from the laptop.

Tips through Which data can be recovered.

Getting panic and nervous can make you do the thing which is wrong and not suitable for your laptop’s recovery. Your data can still be recovered even though the condition of the laptop isn’t functioning well. Here we have listed all the tips and tricks to make you understand the overall process of Data Recovery.

Don’t Panic: The first and foremost thing to do in the case of water damage and laptop malfunctioning is to stop stressing about it and panic less. Although the situation may seem to be out of control and which is why you may not know what to do.

But there are professional service providers for data recovery solutions. How advanced the technology gets, there are people still learning and understanding to adapt to it. These service providers can sort things out by their skills and expertise and make your laptop just the way it was.


Never keep it On Power: As soon as the water spills on your laptop, you must switch off and unplug the device at the earliest. No matter it is a laptop, PC, or a hard drive, the chances of electric issues and other problems can occur if you don’t unplug it. Cutting the power will prevent yours from facing short circuit, and other additional damage to the device.

If you do it, the best part is, you have reduced half of the damage that may have occurred. So simply relax and if possible, safeguard your device to the maximum. This will help your data be recovered in no time.

Do not ever Attempt to Plugin or Turn on your System: If your laptop switches off automatically, or if you have done it purposely after the water being spilled on it. There are chances where you want to be sure if it is still in the working condition. In such a scenario, you may switch on, turn the plugin, and on it. In the case of a laptop, you pretty much have to remove all the batteries if possible. Do not commit the mistake of connected water damaged laptop to the switchboard because it possesses big risks.

Although these sorts of damage occur accidentally, like you spilling it or a natural disaster like a flood. You should know that; your data and condition of your laptop can be fine if you cooperate and do not attempt to do anything that may turn it off permanently.

Don’t Entertain Unqualified professionals: Just because you are stressed and want your laptop to function properly, do not let any unqualified professional train your wrongly. It is possible that you have seen any DIY videos on the Internet and learned a few tricks or hacks to save data. But are you sure the critical aspect of a laptop can be done with a video that doesn’t even know your laptop’s actual condition?

Not all laptop tricks and hack can work wonders and if you attempt to do so, you will regret big time. Only professional and tech-friendly experts deserve to be treating your laptop and device with care. Until and Unless an expert doesn’t show up to guide you, do not handle it all by yourself.

Don’t open the device: If the idea of opening your device came through your mind after watching a video that says it can work. Make sure you do not follow the idea and stop it right there. You expose the device to airborne contaminants. This way, it makes your data recovery process even more complex and unrecoverable to a huge extent.

It is simply impossible to gain your data back because the contaminant will impact the device and lead to destruction. To avoid any unwanted or additional damage to your laptop, do not risk your time on time. The headache of recovering your laptop isn’t your concern but a professional recovery solution that makes it achievable for you.

Do not Blow Dry it: Of course, a blow dryer is the best way to dry up an extremely wet thing, but they are best only for your hair. Hair has got the softness and they are completely different than what a laptop is. They work best for the hair because they are meant only for it and not for any electronic component or hard drive. Do not blow-dry it or keep it under the sun, these are signs of doing more ill to your laptop. It simply worsens the situation, adds more complexity to it, and reduce the chances of recovering your data to a bigger extent. Let it as it is, stay away, and let it dry naturally.


Techchef: Leading Data Recovery Solution.

Do not make any delay in taking your hard drive to a professional Data Recovery solution provider. Remember, in case of severe water damage, the delay can result in corrosion big time. Thus, reaching out to Techchef can be the biggest achievement and decision of all. If your device is having a very important thing stored it, the chances are, you don’t want to risk it at all.

We are the best recovery solution providers with having years of expertise and knowledge in handling the task. Our success rate is 100% which means we do not send out customers with sad faces but happy endings.

Our efforts are to reduce the complex cases of data loss and damage and thus all the experts working with us are high-class professionals. We aim to provide the customer with the right solution and help so they can relax and let us do the work for them.

Techchef for Laptop Recovery in Professional Way.

We know how complex the data recovery process could be. Your personal and professional information stored in it may also restrict you from providing us your device. The best part is, we do not use or store any information in it.

We use the cleanroom to do the recovery process and only a few experts are allowed to enter the room. After the recovery process, you will be required to evaluate the recovery performance. We ensure your data is completely intact after getting recovered. At Techchef we set high standards in repairing and recovery the condition of devices such that people blindly trust and even contact us for our services.

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