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Data loss is inevitable- experts have always been preaching the usefulness of data backup. Especially when working with virtual disks and virtual machines, it is critical to have a backup of all data stored. Or else, in case if your VMFS volume fails, it may become difficult or even impossible to recover data from your failed machine/disk. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure the protection of your data beforehand.
Protecting data is critical, but recovering it is not that hard and complicated with Techchef data recovery services. In the case of VMFS disk failure, Techchef professionals can help you improve your data. Backed by years of data recovery experience, we at Techchef assure you 100% recovery success.  

What is VMware VMFS system?

 VMware VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) refers to a clustered file systems used by the VMware vSphere. This file system provides optimum storage virtualization for multiple VMware ESX Server installations. Before understanding the features of VMFS data recovery tool, let’s understand what are the major causes of data loss.

Common Causes of Data Loss on VMFS Machines

The data stored on your VMware virtual machines may become inaccessible or corrupted due to multiple reasons. The most common reasons that lead to data loss situations include: 

  • Unintentional deletion of virtual file disks. 
  • Mechanical failure or RAID issue. 
  • Corrupted virtual disk files (VMDK) or data storage volumes. 
  • Re-formatting VMware data store. 
  • Software failure occurring due to bad updates. 
  • VMware vSphere
  • Deleted snapshots

Features of VMFS Recovery Tool

  • This tool comes with 4 different modes – Deleted Data Recovery, Formatted Data Recovery, Partition Data Recovery as well as Raw Data Recovery Modes.
  • Deleted VMFS files can be easily recovered by deleted data recovery mode.
  • Lost VMFS partition data can be easily recovered by using VMFS Recovery Tool.
  • Recovery of formatted VMFS files can be easily obtained by Formatted data Recovery Mode.
  • The best part of this tool is that it supports all file formats i.e. DOCX, DOC, PNG, XLS, PDF, EML, PST, GIF, MP3, ODT, XLSX, TIFF, MSG etc.

Trusted & Secure VMFS Data Recovery Services

Time can be critical and the odds for the successful data recovery can be higher if no serious attempts are being made. Decades of experience can only confirm that how critical is this for saving your data. This is where Techchef stands. Techchef’s all data recovery services are processed by data recovery specialists who are proficient in working on various file systems, RAID arrays, and virtual machines. We are an ISO/IEC 27001 & ISO 9001 Certified company and abide by to treat your data with great care. To ensure optimum security to your data, we conduct data recovery procedures using the tested approach. We assure you to offer safety and non-disclosure of your recovered data. 

We can help you salvage your data from:
  • Deleted or lost virtual file system. 
  • Deleted snapshots.
  • Inaccessible hard drives
  • Multi-level folders. 
  • All type of data, files, and virtual machine systems.  

What Differentiates Techchef from Other Data Recovery Service Providers?

  • Faster and Flexible recovery services. 
  • Safe device Treatment in a Certified Class 100 ISO 4 Cleanroom. 
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Data Recovery Services. 
  • Free Media Evaluation with pick and drop facility
  • Onsite Server Repair Services. 
  • High-tech data recovery facilities for virtual machines. 
  • No Recovery, No Fee Guarantee Policy.
  • Expert Customer Support

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For fast, efficient, safe, and risk-free VMFS data recovery services reach out to Techchef experts at 1800-313-1737.


Frequently Asked Questions

VFMS recovery restores data from healthy and corrupted virtual disk images created in all versions of VMware ESX server in fully automated mode.

During boot of ESXi server, it creates a RAM disk, loads stored image from fore mentioned FAT and proceed to the system boot from RAM disk. Also, there are multiple checks of integrity of the stored boot image and effectively prevent its corruption. It may be caused by either updates or hardware.

If VFMS volume not mounted, try to use ESX service console or direct console. Please note that console is to be enabled before use in server’s options. To mount VFMS volume use ESXCLI or vicfg-volume commands.

It depends on what you are looking for. In any case, you have to be careful. If you see the data store tab or browser, but it is empty then only a data recovery company may be able to help you. Or if you see the LUN but not a data store on it, it may be able to recover the data store by recovering the partition table.

We designed to clearly read VMFS file system. We recover information from corrupted or healthy VFMS formatted drives. We also recover VMFS images on VMware, ESXi Server and VMFS drives which are stored in corrupted and inaccessible hard drives. These are the outstanding features of our VMFS data recovery service.

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Vasu Nayar
  • 5/5

My VMFS stopped responding after an accidental power cut. I was really afraid to loose my data. But to my luck I found Techchef. Their CSE experts kept me updated about each and every progress in regard to my case. Also a big thanks to their skilled engineers that they recovered all my data with 100% data recovery. Thanks a lot Techchef for recovering my crucial data .

Kamini Chauhan
  • 5/5

My startup's VMFS got crashed accidentally and all my business came to a stop. Got a recommendation regarding Techchef from someone. Trust me they are the best in class. Their recovery work is fully professional and they did their best to recover the data. They recovered all my lost data and brought my startup back to life. Thanks Techchef for your professional data recovery service.

Sanjay Jha
  • 5/5

Would recommend Techchef to everyone, facing VMFS data loss. My company lost its VMFS data due to an overvoltage issue. Consulted Techchef regarding the same. From my experience, they have some of the best tools and technology and trustworthy engineers. They recovered all of my company's lost data without any hassle and brought my company back on track. Thanks a ton.

Suraj Mahajan
  • 5/5

Fast and amazing job Techchef. They did an excellent job in recovering my VFMS database and files bringing my company's work back on track. I can confidently say Techchef is the best data recovery company.

Suyash Chaudhary
  • 5/5

Your efforts made my day. Thanks for your service. I got my deleted volume back from my virtual machine. I would highly recommend Techchef to everyone.