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We specialize in data recovery services for Dell devices. Whether it's a computer, server, or storage device, our experts can retrieve your lost data safely and efficiently. We prioritize data security and offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our team of experts specializes in recovering data from various Dell devices. We know how valuable your data is, and we are dedicated to assisting you in retrieving it safely and efficiently. Feel free to reach out to us today to ensure smooth operations and put your mind at ease."

Comprehensive Dell Device Recovery Support:

  • PowerEdge Tower Servers
  • PowerEdge Rack Servers
  • PowerEdge Converged Platforms
  • Storage Area Network - iSCSI and FC
  • PowerVault Direct Attached Storage
  • Network Storage Products

Streamlined Data Recovery Process

At Techchef, we understand how important it is to recover your data quickly. Our process is designed to be fast while also prioritizing the privacy of your data. Here's what you can expect when you choose our services:


Our technicians evaluate data loss, determine recovery priorities, and need specific information to assist you.

Recovery Plan

We create personalized recovery plans using our Dell device and storage system expertise. Trust us to efficiently restore your data.


After the customer gives their approval, the experts commence the data recovery process.

Data Retrieval

Our skilled team uses advanced methods to successfully recovery your important data in a fast and effective manner.

Data Verification

After recovering data, we ask our customers to verify it both online and offline.


Once the recovery process is complete, we take utmost care to securely deliver your restored data.


For any further questions about our services, book an appointment to speak with our representatives.


Trust Techchef for Dell Server Data Recovery

Techchef is a trusted partner for Dell data recovery. Our track record of successful recoveries and exceptional customer service sets us apart. We're here to help you retrieve your valuable data from Dell storage devices with professionalism and efficiency.

Our experts excel in Dell device data recovery, employing advanced techniques and specialized tools for high success rates. With in-depth knowledge and a human-centered approach, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

PowerEdge Tower Servers
PowerEdge Rack Servers
PowerEdge Converged Platforms
Storage Area Network - iSCSI and FC
PowerVault Direct Attached Storage
Network Storage Products

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Cutting-Edge Data Recovery Solutions

Techchef is your trusted partner for Dell data recovery. With advanced technology and expert knowledge, we retrieve your valuable data, regardless of the cause or extent of the loss.

Our services cover various scenarios, including:

  • Data loss due to hard drive failure or damage.
  • Corruption of data or files.
  • Virus or malware attacks leading to data loss.
  • Operating system errors or crashes.
  • Data loss caused by power surges or electrical issues.
  • Data loss resulting from formatting or reformatting of drives.

Efficient Recovery of Multiple RAID Levels

We specialize in recovering data from different RAID configurations, including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and more. Whether you have

a simple RAID setup or a complex enterprise-level RAID array, our experts have the experience and tools to restore your data promptly and effectively.

Up to 100% Data Recovery from Enterprise Level RAID Arrays
Recovery all RAID levels – RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and more
Recover: QNAP, JBOND, MS Hyper-V, Equallogic, Sun
Recover: Citrix, Novell RAID, SNAP, Netapp
Recover Data from SAN Storage and NAS Storage
Certified and Advance Data Recovery Lab
1000+ file recovery from Windows, Linux, macOS, VMware
Quick, easy, and 100% guaranteed data privacy

Recovery from Various Models of Dell Server

Techchef Data Recovery is a leading provider of data recovery services for Dell servers. We have a proven track record of success in recovering data from all Dell server models, even in the most complex cases. Our data recovery experts have the skills and experience to recover data from a variety of data loss scenarios, including Failed servers Crashed servers, corrupted data, Virus attacks, Hardware damage, Human error

Techchef engineers recover RAID data from Dell Enterprise products, including PowerEdge servers, PowerVault DAS, EqualLogic and EMC SANs, and Storage NX NAS appliances. If you have lost data from your Dell server, contact Techchef Data Recovery today for a free consultation.

Dell T40 One-Socket Mini Tower Server (Intel)
Dell T340 One-Socket Server (Intel)
Dell T440 Two-Socket 5RU Server (Intel)
Dell XR11 1RU Industrial-Grade Server (Intel)
Dell XR12 2RU Industrial-Grade Server (Intel)
Dell R7515 2RU Server (AMD)
Dell R340 1RU Server (Intel)
Dell R6515 1RU Server (AMD)
Dell R650 1RU Server (Intel)
Dell New R550 2RU Server (Intel)
Dell New R650xs 1RU Server (Intel)
Dell R750 2RU Server (Intel)
Dell R750xa 2RU Server (Intel)
Dell R740xd2 2RU Server (Intel)
Dell R740xd 2RU Server (Intel)
Dell R740 2RU Server (Intel)
Dell R640 1RU Server (Intel)
Dell XR2 1RU Industrial-Grade Server (Intel)
Dell R6525 1RU Server (AMD)
Dell R7525 2RU Server (AMD)
Dell New R450 1RU Server (Intel)
Dell New R750xs 2RU Server (Intel)

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Common frequently Asked Questions related to Dell Server Data Recovery Company

Q. How do I recover data from my Dell computer?

A. Check if you have any backups of your data. Look for recent backups on external hard drives, cloud storage services, or any other backup solutions you may have used. If backups are available, proceed with restoring your data from the backup.

Q: How do I restore my Dell backup files?

A: Connect the external storage device or access the cloud storage service where your Dell backup files are stored. Ensure that the device or service is accessible and properly connected to your Dell computer.

Q: Can data be recovered from a failed Dell server?

A: If the server failure is due to hardware issues, such as a failed hard drive, motherboard, or power supply, it may be necessary to repair or replace the faulty components before attempting data recovery. In such cases, it is recommended to contact us immediately.

Q: Is Dell server data recovery possible after a physical server failure?

A: Yes, Dell server data recovery is possible after a physical server failure. When a physical server fails, it can be due to various reasons such as hardware malfunctions, power surges, component failures, or other issues. However, the data stored on the server's hard drives or storage devices can often be recovered by specialized data recovery services.

Q: What is the cost of Dell server data recovery?

A. The cost of Dell server data recovery depends upon the complexity of the data loss situation and the specific storage device involved. Factors such as the severity of the data loss, the type of damage to the server, the extent of required repairs, and the time and expertise needed for the recovery process all contribute to determining the final cost. Techchef evaluates each case individually to provide accurate pricing that reflects the unique circumstances of the Dell server data recovery.

Q: Can you retrieve corrupted databases or SQL files from Dell Server?

A. Yes, Techchef Data Recovery Company has the expertise to retrieve corrupted databases or SQL files from Dell Servers. Their skilled technicians are experienced in dealing with various data loss scenarios, including corrupted databases and SQL files. Through specialized techniques and advanced tools, they work to recover and repair the corrupted data, ensuring the best possible chances of successful recovery from Dell Servers. T

Q: What is the difference between logical and physical data recovery for Dell servers?

A. Logical data recovery focuses on recovering data from a storage device without physical damage. It deals with issues related to the file system and can recover deleted files or repair corrupted file systems. It uses software tools to reconstruct the file structure.

Physical data recovery is used when there is physical damage to the hardware. It involves repairing or replacing faulty components, such as damaged hard drives, and requires a controlled environment. This approach is necessary when logical recovery fails or there is clear evidence of hardware damage.

Q: Can data be recovered from a Dell server with a failed RAID controller?

A. Certainly, it's possible to recover data from a Dell server even if its RAID controller has failed. We have the expertise to handle this situation. We have skilled technicians who know how to deal with cases where the RAID controller, which manages the data storage, stops working properly. Using special technologies and tools, we recover the important data stored on the server.

Q: Is it possible to recover data from a Dell server with multiple hard drive failures?

A. Recovering data from a Dell server with multiple hard drive failures is challenging but not impossible. It depends on factors like RAID configuration, data backups, severity of data loss, and professional data recovery services. Regular backups and redundancy measures are crucial to minimize data loss risks.

Q: Is it possible to recover data from Dell servers with a damaged file system?

A: When a file system is damaged, it may prevent the operating system from accessing or recognizing the data stored on the server. However, the actual data may still exist on the physical storage media. Data recovery techniques and tools can be employed to bypass the damaged file system and retrieve the data directly from the storage device.

Q: What are the typical causes of data corruption on Dell servers?

A: Data corruption on Dell servers can result from various factors. Common causes include hardware issues like disk failures or bad RAM, software glitches, power outages, malware, and improper shutdowns. These factors can disrupt data integrity and lead to corruption.

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