Different types of backup that can be suitable to prevent you from business data loss

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May 21, 2021


Backup is not new to people; it has just evolved its technology from time to time. Before, when there was no name, people still used to keep copies of things and store them in different locations other than the original. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The name came later after the process as a backup. Backing up data is beneficial in many ways that keep files and documents protected from any abrupt data loss situation and is a reliable source for individuals and businesses that want solid security of their sensitive data.

Here we are going to discuss different types of backups that different individuals can purposely use.

1. Full backup

As the name refers, the process is about copying all the important things and shouldn’t be lost. The full backup of copies covers all the data in the entire system and is supposed to be the most reliable backup source.

2. Incremental backup

Incremental backup is referred to the type of copying data that is ever-changing. For example, suppose you have some new files to add to the data saved in the full backup.

The incremental backup will save the newly changed files so that it’s easy to see any new changes in the full backup. It should not be manually done and should use additional backup tools.

3. Differential backup

The differential backup process is almost the same as the incremental backup, which means it will copy data and files with some changes.

The differential backup model has only the difference that it will also copy the original full backup and the new changes made. Also, this model of backup should not be done manually.

Where can you store backup?

There are many offsite and onsite means to store the different types of backup. First, pick the backup type which best suits your purpose, and then you can try to pick the backup media device like hard disk, external hard disk, tape, server, RAID, NAS, or cloud storage service, etc. you should also ask yourself about the lifespan of the backup. For how many years you want to have the backup because different media have different lifespans.


Not that all backups are reliable, they may also be vulnerable to data loss if not properly cared for. It could be damaged or fail, so you need to check in a regular period to prevent any permanent data loss catastrophes. Consider calling data recovery experts to get your data back and have reliable solutions.

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