External Hard Drive vs.Pen Drive

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July 5, 2021


The whole IT world depends on the digital data stored in various devices, but when it comes to choosing, you might get confused. Selecting the best data storage options depends on your preference of storage size, portability, or purpose. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Though, because of the data loss vulnerability of such storage devices, data backup is one of the important factors that one must keep in mind.

To store data other than your current storage devices, pen drives and external hard drives are most preferred. Here are some points that will help you choose the most suitable backup option.

1. Storage: Storage capacity is the first factor one looks for. Here, the external hard drive could win over pen drives as they extend up to 2TB and constantly increase.

2. Price: With great features comes a great price; in this term, the pen drive is the cost-effective and affordable option than a hard drive. Though USB flash drives with larger storage capacity can be costly too.

3. Durability:The durability factor must be checked when you look for a storage device, as they may be vulnerable to sudden falls or drops. Your data can be lost, so in this matter, a USB flash drive takes over the hard drive that has moving parts.

4. Lifespan: You must be searching for longevity besides the durability factor in the storage device. In this case, the external hard drive is more suitable when you use it carefully and not much frequently.

5. Portability: Unquestionably, a USB flash drive is the most portable device than any storage device. They are smaller in size than a standard hard drive and could be accessed at any time.


So as these five points tell, they might help you choose the most suitable device for data backup purposes. However, both options are vulnerable to damages and failures that can cause data loss. Call a professional as you undergo sudden data loss scenarios to recover your device with the most suitable solutions.

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