Five Best ways to Protect your Virtual Environment from Data Loss Catastrophes

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May 17, 2021


Virtual environments like VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, and oracle are great hypervisors that are good for organizations willing to manage the bulk of IT assets, better server utilization, IT flexibility, and business responsiveness. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Little do businesses know that being such a convenient virtual environment, the hypervisors can still lose data loss which could hamper business operations and work.


Here are the five essential steps to protect your crucial IT assets to avoid such data loss catastrophes.

1. The right backup

When there are many backup solutions, it becomes crucial to choose the right one for your virtual environment.

You should always consider this main factor when selecting your backup software, whether how much time it takes to recover virtual machines (VMs) from the backup and the VM templates.

Good backup solutions for VMs can mount the backup while the files are transferred back to the central host system.

2. Mistaking to consider VM snapshots as backups

You should not rely on snapshots and instead, make a different and reliable backup solution. Snapshots are good to cover the time frame between the last and the next backup and essential when you create changes but are not preferred as backups. Don’t build snapshots that build on each other; it will result in risking the data only.

3. Avoiding to save Vms and backup in the same storage

If you want your Vm data and backup safe, never try to store them on the same hard disk or other media device. The action will only result in losing the backup and active Vm if some data loss scenario occurs. Store your active Vm and data backup on different devices to ensure data accessibility if one of the either is lost.

4. Always stick to one virtualization solution

For example, when you expand your VMware system on a SAN to the second SAN system with a HyperV system, the risk of data loss will increase. Layering different virtual solutions in a single system will only increase data loss chances as the tools expand. It is best to keep the device in one virtual environment for a better accessibility experience.

5. Find the suitable system for your business assets

You may find different virtual environments in the market but finding a suitable system is essential that can manage your sensitive business data. It is not essential to seek virtual solutions; a physical server can also serve the purposes better than a virtual solution according to your business type.


Here were the tips that can secure your virtual environment from data loss in the coming future, but they are not 100% reliable. Y9ou can face any data loss catastrophes at any time. It is better to keep your IT asset safe with data recovery experts to get the most appropriate data recovery solutions.

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