Five Cloud Computing Myths you Need to Ignore

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May 24, 2021


Cloud service has raised above all the storage technologies, and with it comes new inaccuracies and insecurities. Most IT industries are migrating to cloud environments as there are major storage functions, security features, and more. Author Divya Jain View all posts

As cloud technology rises and the demand increases, certain misconceptions are also creating confusion in businesses willing to buy a cloud service. Here are the six most misinterpreted myths that we are going to debunk.

1. Myth- Cloud has more security risks

Truth: cloud environments are misconception as least data security providers, but the truth is that they are highly superior to any other onsite data storage device or system.

Many businesses were demolished last year due to data breaches via human error and internal problems. Cloud computing provides extensive security tools online that don’t let the data fall into the hands of hackers.

2. Myth: it’s a new Technology

Truth: markets have been shaken with the rapid growth of cloud computing, and people think of it as a new technology that needs to be refined. The cloud has been optimized for years for the betterment of users. It is not new to the IIT industry but has been improving for years.

3. Myth: Cloud has no control features

Truth: it is only in your hands to pass the control onto the cloud service provider. Expanding the cloud resources like maintaining infrastructure, monitoring activity, and ensuring high-level security can only be taken by you with the help of the cloud provider. This ensures 100% work productivity and frees you from any other work other than projects.

4. Myth: the cloud is much expensive

Truth: It’s not that clouds are much expensive but good value for money; it all depends upon the scalable resources and availability of options you choose for your business. Better availability means better performance for your business. In a cloud environment, you only pay for what you use. Also, the expense depends on the cloud model and the provider you choose.

5. Myth: cloud eliminating jobs

Truth: Instead of taking over the responsibilities of the in-house team, the cloud just transforms its job. The work goes to developing internal processes, applications, and strategies that are only for the betterment of all the IT departments, making their job more smooth.


These are some of the most heard misconceptions about cloud computing that we have cleared up. Also, it depends on your business sector if the cloud would be helpful or not. However, cloud environments are sometimes vulnerable to data breaches and attacks due to poor maintenance and services. Consider calling a data recovery service provider to get the best solutions.

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