Five Data Backup Myths you should be Aware of this Pandemic

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April 28, 2021


Almost all small to big scale businesses are aware of the importance of data backup and its usefulness in times like the pandemic. Now that the pandemic calling workers to work from home, chances are your business can still tend to face data loss catastrophes under little surveillance. This is high time to buckle up […]

1. Onsite data backup is enough

Whether you have a small business or a large organization, data can be essential for any business size. Without data, your business can be paralyzed, and to save it, you have to ensure you don’t only have data backup onsite at your premises.

Disaster can come by any means and can destroy your entire organization along with the physical backup. That’s why it becomes important to save data in multiple backup sites.

2. Syncing backup data only weekly is enough

What is meant by “enough”? Does it go how you have the only solution or only option to save the essential business information? Updating backup data daily is a must for organizations in IT sectors like healthcare industries that need backup data daily. Or else, if something goes wrong, no data available could create a big problem.

3. Cloud backup is not safe.

The myth doesn’t go the same for all clouds. A good cloud storage provider provides data encryption options while transmitting data. Also, data stored in the cloud replicates across multiple servers that protect data from catastrophes when stored in more than one place.

Check your cloud storage thoroughly and examine the security features that can give compliance to protect your vital business data and confidential information.

4. Tape backup is outdated

It is not that tape storage can’t be as compatible as advanced backup storage anymore; it can still do wonders in this era. Due to its longevity, durability, cost-efficient, and offline data security features, tape data storage can still be considered compatible data storage.

5. Cloud is the best option to outsource the disaster recovery

Indeed, the cloud can be an enormous way to secure data with backup options it provides, but what if the whole storage gets encrypted by malware or hacked by an attacker? It is not just the option to backup your business data completely. Instead, go for onsite options and choose two remote locations where disaster recovery can come to action.


Ignoring these five data backup myths can protect your organization from huge compliances and protect the essential data against any data loss calamity before it downhill your business. Contact a data recovery service provider to better give you solutions on business recovery.

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