Five mistakes you make while Buying an SD card

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August 16, 2021


Whether you buy a MicroSD card for your Mobile phone, Camera, laptop, or any other gadget, you somehow end up buying an SD card that is not working, is expensive, or giving a poor performance. Of course, SD card shopping looks simple, but there are multiple factors that you need to look into before buying […]


1. Choosing an incompatible SD card: It is a must to check whether your device is compatible with the SD card you bought. All MicroSD cards or SD cards might seem the same in sizes that fit the SD card port but in different formats. Common four sd card formats are microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, and microSDUC. All different formats go with compatible devices that support specific formats. Otherwise, you can end up buying a MicroSD card that doesn’t work for your computer or laptop.

2. SD card capacity: You may find a compatible sd card for your device, but have you wondered how capacity can make the card useless? Your device may support a specific sd card format, but it has a file system like exFAT or FAT 32 that supports a limited SD card capacity. If you don’t check the capacity of the SD card that may be exceeding the file system limit of the device, then this will deny access.

3. UHS or Ultra high speed: An SD card with ultra high speed performs better data transfer than other SD card formats. SDXC and SDHC both formats support UHS up to versions UHS-I, UHS-II, and UHS-III, giving up to 624Mbps data transfer speed. See if your hardware supports UHS format but do not buy an SD card with unsupportive UHS, which may exceed the speed limit of your hardware.

4. Buying a fake MicroSD card: Buying a counterfeit and an original microSD card look alike, but they function differently when used. You can get tricked by the packing that offers up to 64GB of storage but what you get is 8 GB. Identifying between fake and an original microSD card may seem a tedious task, but you can go through reviews if buying on amazon or Flipkart, or install software that helps you identify the originality of the SD card.

5. Buying a cheap SD card: Diverting your choice from branded but expensive to no brand but cheaper is not really a reliable choice. It may seem a good deal, but you can experience SD card failure after a while, resulting in sudden data loss. So, it is always better to choose branded SD cards with better reliability, durability, performance, and security than a name-less card with no guarantee.


Now that you know what not to buy and choose a MicroSD card or sd card for you, choosing the right one will be an easier task. However, MicroSD or sd card failure can occur anytime, leading to sudden data loss. Contact an SD card data recovery service provider familiar with your SD card type and offer effective solutions.

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