Five Tips for Cleaning your Hard Drive Space

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May 28, 2021


Data transfer can be frustrating sometimes, and it can hamper your work when you are supposed to transfer the files to your laptop, but the storage is almost full. Here are the five tips that can help you manage your disk space systematically, that not only will clean up the disk space to transfer more […]

1. Uninstall unnecessary programs

Programs that are not for use anymore can be uninstalled ‘programs and features. Click ‘start’ >control panel> programs and features. Remove the programs that are no longer needed to free up some space. Make sure you don’t remove any important program; if mistakenly uninstalled, you will need a data recovery specialist to help you.

2. Disk space utility program

Using disk space utility programs can do the thing for you with ease. They detect the size of the directories on your system and help clean up the disk space by removing files from syncing.

3. Duplicate file utility program

Use the disk space tools to remove the duplicate files. Duplicate files can eat up as much space as the original files, over and over. The program helps to clean up the redundant files.

4. Data transfer

If you think the computer has taken much of the disk storage space, you can offload extra data in some other storage device like an external hard disk or any cloud storage. Offloading data will optimise the disk space, and you will have your rest of the data space. Make sure you keep a data backup to protect the important files from sudden data loss.

5. Analyse system

Search for all the present files in the computer folders to check if there’s any extra file that you no longer need and eat up space. There may be some photos that you no longer need or some useless downloads and would not be helpful.

Click start>choose files explorer icon on the left> expand ‘This PC’>select drive you want to search>enter * in “search in this PC’>’ enter’.


These are some keys that you can try to free up some bulk space to utilise the disk space for your new work and data transfer. Make sure you remove or delete the files carefully. Once files are permanently deleted will render its data inaccessible. You will need to connect to a data recovery specialist if you have deleted some important files that were of use.

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