Five Ways to Ensure Data Security for Work From Home Employees

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April 26, 2021


Covid has again forced companies in India to emphasize work from home routines amid the covid pandemic. Therefore, it has become mandatory for IT industries to secure their network and data anyhow to mount the business data security at risk. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Sometimes, it’s not easy to shape the new employees into a perfect business environment that has recently joined the workforce and has to work remotely.

Some actions from employees’ end can damage the business operations risking data loss due to improper management. Here are the top five ways to ensure the data security of your company while employees WFH.

1. Aware your employees working remotely

Many phishing scams and hackers keep looking for remotely working victims and target them through email messages or website links.

Nowadays, imposters send messages as the management of the company or website link regarding new company updates so that employees directly click the link and the encryption can be imposed on files.

The management should make sure to be aware of such scammers and the types of phishing attacks they do. Keep your employees in the loop daily or on alternative days to communicate about these data loss risks.

2. Keep away supplies from the family

Unaware employees sometimes make mistakes while giving their laptops or systems to family members or children.

This way, the credentials can go at stake, and errors by kids are anticipated. It should be the management’s duty to communicate with employees concerned about jeopardized business data.

Moreover, the systems can be protected from such catastrophes from strong passwords known to employees only.

3. Business network security

A business’s data security should never be compromised upon security threats via insecure networks.

Business data should be distributed through a secure VPN network that is user-friendly to employees and up-to-date. Home networks can intensify the risk of a business data breach or data loss by phishing or software vulnerabilities. To safeguard the data, businesses should be liable to provide a secure VPN network.

4. More software means necessary security threats

Each employee has different systems with different software according to their needs. A rule must be imposed to secure the system and data credentials stored in it by removing unnecessary software and focusing only on software or applications contributing to the business productivity, nothing else. Also, keep updating applications to protect them from any data loss catastrophe.

5. Protect data with Remote tools and Encryptions

Data used by employees can have imposed risk of rendering data inaccessible at any time, which could compromise your business operations. Be liable to impose encryptions on data with high sensitivity and access control tools to ensure data security on employees’ systems. This will give you extra protection against data loss calamities.


Emphasizing and early implementing these data security strategies can surely make the running of your business smooth, increasing productivity from all the distributed offices of the businesses. Though data loss can hit your business operations and enforce sudden breakage in the workflow, in such scenarios, business recovery services can come in handy in need with maximum recovery success rates to potentially retrieve your data.

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