4 Important Steps in Logical Hard Drive Data Recovery

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July 22, 2022


When your essential data is compromised on your laptop, there can be two instances that have happened. Either the data is corrupted or lost due to a physical failure or a logical failure. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

Talking about the logical failure in a hard drive, it can occur due to system malfunction, file system damage, accidentally deleted data and more. Hard drives with logical failure don’t need any spare parts, specialized tools(in case), and physical components to change as physical hard drive damage.
But, here, we share the most effective logical data recovery for a hard drive which you can attempt for a higher success rate.

1. Avoid working on the hard drive once it’s failed

Once the hard drive has failed, regardless of the reason, you will have to stop using the hard drive to avoid permanent data loss. When you run failed hard drive on the system and work on it, the new data you store can overwrite your old data. Overwritten data have fewer possibilities of recovery than the data lost in the hard drive.

2. Hard drive cloning

To clone or to image a hard drive has the utmost importance in physical and logical data recovery. This step ensures that the data is copied from the original drive with bad sectors to a new hard drive. The cloned hard drive will be required later to restore original data in the source hard drive.

3. Data recovery software

Choose a reliable data recovery software for logical hard drive data recovery. Imaging a hard drive can be achieved by reliable data recovery software. When it’s about restoring valuable data, selecting a data recovery software that is trustworthy becomes essential.

4. Restore data from clone hard drive

At last, perform data recovery from the clone hard drive. During the process, ensure that it has a secure power supply and uninterrupted internet connection. Any step that goes down can have adverse effects on your data resulting in permanent data loss.


Logical failure in a hard drive can be severe, so you should be alert for every recovery step. Be cautious while you process hard drive cloning. Once it is interrupted due to a power failure or an unstable internet connection, your essential data in the hard drive can be compromised forever.

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