Four Myths about MS Access that we need to Bust

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September 27, 2021


Many users and non-users also doubt MS access being the most preferred application in Windows. Few myths revolve around MS access that questions its reliability and authenticity. Here, we will bust four MS access myths that people need to verify before using MS access. Author Divya Jain View all posts

1. Limited amount of scalability and migration

People often doubt the performance of MS access when it comes to the amount of scalability and migration. The truth is, MS access has an immense amount of scalability and migration on using it wisely.

2. Security threats

Provided that MS access application is not so secure when it comes to the security of databases. The truth is, this application comes with rigorous encryption tools that can be helpful to prevent the vulnerability of your data.

3. Limited storage space

Many are questionable about Access storage space which in actuality is not a problem. MS access provided sufficient storage space for corporate databases and other data. You can set off the storage limitation by linking the tables of other MS access database instances to achieve greater storage space.

4. Scalability problems

Users must know that the scalability issues don’t come from data storage and multiple database users. So when you see scalability issues with MS access, it is because of the jet database engine.


You may pass around many myths about MS access, but all of them are not true in reality. Although, upgrading to an SQL database can eliminate many limitations. Also, MS access can suffer failure resulting in database corruption. Always be prepared for such failures and manage an up-to-date backup to recover MS access data preventing data loss.

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