Four Signs that your MS Word File is Corrupted

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June 17, 2021


Whether it’s academic papers, official draft or legal agreements, MS word covers it all by providing the best word processor. MS word is often used by MS users, which could be corrupted and make your important drafts inaccessible. Here are some key signs that you can look for in a corrupted MS word document and […]

Signs that your MS Word Document is Corrupted

If you are unable to access your word document and you have never experienced this unusual behaviour of the applications, the chances are your files are corrupted. Here are the signs that tell you the MS word document is corrupted:

Computer becomes unresponsive when you try to open the document
Document formatting and layout keeps changing
Unreadable characters appearing on the document
“Unspecified error” message occurs when the document is not loading

Some other causes can also render your MS document documents inaccessible that are stopping you from using them. The causes may include,

Corrupt computer registry
Malware attack
Corrupted MS word document

If you see any unusual problem while opening the word document, try to open the other files you might have saved. A specific document alone can also be corrupted. You can also try to operate the MS word document on another computer. If the document is working properly, The problem can also occur in your operating system or word application alone.

How to fix a Corrupted Word Document?

Once you have detected the corruption in your word document, make sure you copy all the remaining documents on the other drive. This will ensure you don’t lose your data during the data recovery process.

In case your MS word document is opening:

Go to the “File” menu and click Open
Select “open and repair.”
After finishing the process verifying I’d the errors are corrected
If not, copy damaged sections of documents excluding page breaks
Paste them on a new document

If the problem persists and you cannot repair your document, try to change the file format and save the document in rich text, plain text or HTML. Convert the new file format document to a word file. This might give you a chance to get back your document, but you will lose the formatting.

If you have tried all the repair solutions, the data recovery specialist can help you with specialised tools and skills to repair your corrupted documents. As the repair is time-consuming and complex, it is best to hand it over to the professionals who can provide you with apt solutions and get back your word documents on time.


Corruption on the MS word document is unpredictable and could be caused by several system problems. If you don’t have any backup data to access your MA word document, you might face challenges while recovering your corrupted documents. To encounter the inevitable document data loss, it would be best to consider a data recovery specialist as skilled and can approach the corruptions with specialised tools and solutions.

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