Four Types of NAS Failure that you can Experience

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July 8, 2021


Nowadays, most small startups and individuals are greatly using the benefits of NAS or network-attached storage. NAS offers additional storage capacity, data streaming, data sharing in multiple devices at once, better access performance, and so on. But the only thing that risks your files stored in NAS is the failure of NAS. Author Divya Jain […]

Of course, NAS is vulnerable to failures and damages that can put your data at risk. Majorly, here are the top four NAS system failures you should check before anything goes off your hands.

1. NAS RAID failure

As the raid data storage is used in NAS, possibilities are that it can malfunction or undergo failure due to multiple disk failures, failed controllers and more.

2. Physical damage

Like other storage devices, NAS is vulnerable to physical failures caused by bad sectors, corrupted firmware, disk damage, PCB failure, head crash, etc.

3. Logical damage

Logical failure or damage in NAS storage means the damage occurred in the system due to system crash, power outage, improper shutdown, etc.

4. Failure by human error

causes. It can include accidentally deleted volume or partition, deleted files, overwrite data, incorrect NAS setup. This could result in inevitable data loss that tends to hinder your workflow.


First, calm yourself when you detect any failure in your NAS system. Stress could force you to take wrong steps, leading to permanent damage to the NAS device. Backup your data as soon as you see any failure in your NAS. Shutdown the device and plug it out from the power source to ensure safety. Call a NAS data recovery professional to ensure the best solutions for our failed NAS at the right time.

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