Guide on the lifespan of a hard drive

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February 24, 2021


The question about a storage device’s lifetime, like a hard drive, makes importance to those who have many essential documents, photos, files, and other data stored in their hard drive. Author Divya Jain View all posts

The life of a hard drive depends on many variables


A hard drive of a well-renowned brand will last longer than others; environmental factors like cleanliness, electrical issues, and dust will also affect the hard drive’s age. Moreover, the more you read/write data, the faster the hard disk’s lifespan will get shorter.

The lifespan of a hard drive

Generally, the lifespan of a hard drive is three to five years on average. The lifespan widely depends upon the usage by the user.

According to a compelling study by backblaze on the lifespan of hard disk drives shows that 90% of the hard drives survive for three years and 80% of hard drives survive for a maximum of four years only.

The study also mentions that western digital and Hitachi hard drives last much longer than Seagate hard drives.

Signs of a failing hard drive

You can surely notice some signs indicated by a hard disk drive or the system that it will die, and this way, you can lose your data.

These are the major signs of a failing hard drive

Computer slow performance
Frequent freezes on the computer screen
Displays corrupted or bad sector of hard disk
Malware viruses
Improper system shutdown
Strange clicking noise

Ways to stop your HDD from failing

As the lifespan of a hard drive is average, so you surely can take some precautions

Back up

Keep a proper backup of your important files to not to lose data with your dead hard drive. You can backup your precious documents and data with online (cloud storage) and offline (external HDD) options.

Clean environment

Choose a safe place for your hard drive to keep it away from dust, heat, smoke, pollutants, and other environmental conditions to protect the hard disk from extreme weather conditions. This way, the computer or laptop hard disk can survive for a long.

Anti-virus program

Install a quality anti-virus program in your system to shield the data stored in the hard drive from malicious programs.


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