How can an organization ensure Data Security?

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September 28, 2020


It is no hidden that cybercriminals and hackers are taking advantage of the data security loopholes. On the other hand, we have also witnessed the advancement in cybersecurity at a fast-paced rate and is growing extensively. Innovation is getting better and progressive to combat cybercriminals to exploit our sensitive data. If you look at the […]


Businesses are most at risk and all tend to expand their security team to deal with the threats that might spoil the reputation and business operations. Your customers, on the other hand, demand a seamless experience from all channels from you, and you are extremely worried about their security and data being provided to you at utmost faith.

The most common and unanswered question here is, how can a business protect an organization’s data and future? Are there any measures that a company must take to keep the customer’s data secure? How is it possible to avoid hackers for launching an attack and ensure data security to a core level? Here’s a guide that can provide you a glance at how you as a business owner can ensure data security to an extreme.

1. Keep your employee’s train

An organization creating security awareness amongst all employees, starting from the bottom level to the top level, and educating them to follow security practices can help. The organization must create a team that plans and educates about security awareness, training programs regularly. This type of program will be head by a leader who initiates and keep a check on the business functioning at all level, considering the security too.

2. Strict Cloud Permission

Organizations now are using the cloud as the main area to migrate their workload to the cloud. In this manner, the best way to handle the security of it is a strict cloud lockdown and accessible to only a few. Human error is the most common reason for data breach issues to become more than possible and this exposure can cost the business a lot of money that can even threaten to harm the reputation. Make sure that the millions of customer’s data stored in the cloud are accessed to a few trusted employees who know how to handle it. Security personnel must audit the account, check at all levels, and ensure principles are followed appropriately.

3. Limiting Data Access

Everyone in your organization doesn’t deserve to be accessed with data of the company, employees, or even customers for that matter. The organization needs to figure out customer information should be accessible to whom and do they have proper access right? If you limit access, it prevents data hacking, theft, loss, and a lot more problems that will never touch your organization’s IT infrastructure. You must determine the kind of staff need to access and carry the work and make an obligation on them to use it only for work purposes. In addition to safeguarding your sensitive information from hackers and intruders, this is one smart way for data management.

4. Backups are Most Important

To enhance data security, it is essential to keep up the data backup and security check constantly. For many of us, unexpected data attacks can leave the organization in trauma, and not getting the crucial information back seems to be another biggest loss. Keep a practice for automation or manual mode of data backup regularly. Moreover, install a good antivirus tool for your data and keep your software updated. It is vital for everyone in the organization to maintain a data backup, so in times of crisis, the organization will not panic and make a mindful decision.

5. Give Double Security to Sensitive Data

The companies must be aware and able to identify which data is sensitive and require double protection. If the information lies is extremely authentic, make sure it is allocated on the right spot, protected with complete anti-virus security, and backup is done as well. This sensitive information only comprises about 5 to 10% of your total business data, so spend a little extra buck only to protect your most crucial form of data systematically.

6. Insider threat is also something

It’s easy to visualize and be mentally prepared for the outside threats. We see in news and television about complex situations a business faces due to malicious activities conducted by hackers. But this is not the only threat that an organization has to face, the reality is, internal threats possess the biggest and costly potential to hurt. This is because internal threats are done by employees working in the organization, they have access to information that can be used in a wrongful manner leaving the organization’s reputation and trust at stake. Anyone can simply release a ransomware worm that crucially releases all the information stored in the device and this kind of threat prevailing in an organization is disturbing.

“Paytm Mall suffers a data breach, ransom demanded by hackers” – Source

The E-commerce platform Paytm mall has suffered a massive data breach where a cybercrime group under the name of “John Wick” has been able to access the unrestricted areas and affect the entire database of the company according to a US-based Cyber-risk intelligence platform. The John Wick group has allegedly entered into the privacy of many Indian based companies too and collected various information about the organization. 

John wick was able to open a backdoor of Paytm mall and able to access the website, again and again, any time of the entire database. This was also claimed that the problem occurred due to an insider which is yet to be confirmed. The hackers stealing all the information claim to have demanded an equivalent to $4,000 payment from the Paytm Mall.

This happened with the top firms like Paytm and it can happen to any organization regardless of the size or the type of business they deal in. If you don’t want to be caught up in a situation like this, it is best to seek professional help.


As a business owner, losing your crucial data due to accidental deletion, hackers, viruses, or physical damage can make you feel completely lost. You have put your reputation, goodwill, and relations with shareholders at stake. Thus, in a situation like this, it is best to approach Techchef, as we promise to deliver you 100% data recovery in any given situation and for any reason too. We have years of experience and a strong reputation as leading data recovery and data sanitization solution provider. 

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