How can I recover data from a damaged hard drive?

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October 3, 2020


It is no surprise that storage devices such as hard drives have a limited lifespan. The average lifespan of a hard drive ranges between 5 to 10 years depending on its production and quality. Similar, to other devices hard drives are also susceptive to damage. Under the extreme temperature and humidity, they are likely to […]

However, if you are puzzled over how to recover data from a damaged hard drive, this is the article you ought to read. In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons for hard drive damage, ways to recover data from a damaged hard drive, and tips on how to prevent hard drive data loss.

What Happens When Hard Disk Fails?

Hard drive failures are unpredictable. It happens either due to physical or logical drive failure. In physical failure, one of the components of the hard drive becomes inoperable. While in logical failure, the operating system of the computer gets corrupted. Irrespective of the type of failure, the hard drive is rendered inaccessible, thereby leading to data loss.

The several reasons that may be responsible for causing data loss include:

Computer crash
Firmware or manufacture fault
Electronic failure
Virus attack
File corruption
Too many bad sectors.

So if you want to ensure protection to your hard drive data, you should be aware of various causes responsible for drive damage and ways to avoid them.  Ahead, we will discuss the common symptoms of hard disk failure that will help you address the issue well in time.

The symptoms of hard disk failure:

Strange noises of grinding, trashing, or humming from the hard drive indicate drive failure. It implies that your drive has damaged beyond repair and needs immediate data transfer for protection.

Strange behaviour from the computer or inability to recognize or detect drive indicates logical drive failure.

Repeated system crashes also reflect issues in hard drive such as bad sectors.
Frequent error messages, drive corruption or missing files also reflect some sort of drive damage.

All of the aforementioned symptoms show hard drive damage. In case if you notice any of these symptoms check your drive health immediately and consider creating a backup of all drive files.

Can Data be recovered from a damaged Hard Disk?

In case of hard drive damage, data loss is a common scenario. But fortunately, there are still chances of damaged hard drive data recovery.

Before you proceed to attempt anything, first connect your damaged hard drive to another system and check whether its data is accessible or not. Luckily, if you can access data, immediately copy it to another healthy hard drive. But never try to perform any kind of DIY drive repair to retrieve data. This is because it could lead to complete drive failure thereby making data recovery impossible.

However, the best thing you can do is to seek help from a trusted hard drive data recovery service provider. Recovering data from a damaged hard drive can be easy if you consult qualified professionals like the Techchef.

Techchef is a reputed data recovery company in India backed by an in-house lab and R&D team. Techchef professionals can help you recover data from crashed systems, lost partitions, virus attacks, accidental formatting, and a lot of hard drive damages. So in case of drive damage, stop worrying as Techchef is always there to assist you.

Recover your data with a Techchef‘s Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Services.

With Techchef data recovery, you can retrieve 100% of your lost data from a damaged hard drive. Techchef follows a safe and reliable approach to salvage data from different kinds of failed media.

Use the following steps to start a case with Techchef to recover your valuable data:

To initiate a case contact Techchef at 1800-313-1737 for a free estimate.

Ship your affected hard drive to the Techchef office or physically drop it any of its office locations. Make sure to pack the drive properly to protect it against impact or any kind of vibrations.

Post media evaluation Techchef team will forward you a device damage report with an estimated price quote.

The recovery process will be initiated only after the customer’s approval. In the case of no data recovery, there will be no charge.

After completion of data recovery, your data will be returned on another healthy hard drive.

Tips to avoid data loss from Hard Drive

Now that you are aware of hard drive damage and way to cope up with data loss. Here are some tips on how you can avoid such miserable experiences:

Stop using the device immediately:

If your system exhibits any strange behaviour stop using it immediately. Continuing to use a damaged drive will result in permanent data loss.

Use antivirus software:

This will ensure protection to your system against malware and viruses. Most of the data loss occurs due to malware infections.

Backup files regularly:

Backing up data is the most effective way to ensure data protection. This will help you retrieve the maximum of your data.

Keep the storage device away from heat and humidity:

Heat and humidity can impact your hard drive’s lifespan. It can lead to a hard drive crash therefore make sure to keep your device away from high temperature and humidity.

Keep a watch on all potentially destructive activities:

Activities like deleting files, formatting, or partitioning require knowledge. Attempting to do this without the right information can lead to inadvertent data loss.


When faced with hard drive damage and data loss, your first option is to approach professional data Recovery Company. These organizations have experienced specialists to handle your case. Thus, they offer you reliable data retrieval within a short turnaround time.

The reputable data recovery company Techchef can effectively salvage 100% data from a damaged hard drive. No matter what kind of data loss you are experiencing Techchef can provide you solution.

For fast, efficient, safe and risk-free Data Recovery contact Techchef at 1800-313-1737.

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