How has the Chennai flood impacted IT businesses?

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December 18, 2023


Floodwater damage poses a challenge to the consistency of IT businesses, but with the right actions and strategies, it’s possible to recover valuable data. Author Divya Jain View all posts

In the first week of December 2023, along with dealing with significant effects on daily life after Cyclone Michaung, Chennai experienced serious losses in the IT sector, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. Floods seriously threaten company data because they may damage hardware, corrupt sensitive data, and result in financial losses.

In this case, quick action and specific recovery methods become necessary. This article explores recovery plans and preventative measures for dealing with water damage and maintaining data integrity during unplanned floods.

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Chennai Flood Impact on Business

Shankar Vanavarayar, Chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), says that due to the cyclone, the IT industry is largely affected, along with the commercial establishments and industrial units operating in Chennai.

K. Mariappan, chairman of the Tamil Nadu Small and Tiny Industries Association, said that due to the flood, the small industry faced losses of around Rs 1000 crore.

Due to floods, power outages, and an unforeseen water intrusion, we have to close and offline our critical IT infrastructure, including data storage, desktops, laptops, NAS servers, and SQL databases. Until floodwaters are reduced, we’re unable to assess the situation or restore functionality.

The flood can have a devastating impact on not only our finances and services but also our data storage devices. In the dry, moist, and wet atmosphere of a flood, the data storage devices are easy to damage, and the situation can get worse if the water enters the devices.

The outcome of this can be corrosion, which happens very frequently in hard disks due to water damage and short circuits, especially in flash storage devices like SSDs, and data loss.


Methods To Prevent Data Loss

To minimize the chances of IT asset damage and data loss due to flood or waterlogging, we can take some preventive measures some of the most basic of them are :

Use Waterproof Storage: solutions for important devices facing flooding. There are numerous options, ranging from waterproof cases to sealable bags that protect our electronics.

Elevate Electronic Items: Where we store our devices matters. Elevate electronics to higher surfaces to minimize the risk of water exposure during floods or leaks.

Keep Backups: Prevention is the best cure. Regularly backing up data to external hard drives or cloud services ensures that even if a device is water-damaged, the data remains safe and accessible from another place.

Steps of Data Recovery From Water Damage

If water damage has affected your IT assets and data is inaccessible, follow the steps below to enhance the chances of successful data recovery:

Step 1: Keep the Power Off
The first step towards data recovery from water damage to our electronic devices is to keep the power off. Disconnect the device from any power source immediately to prevent electrical issues and further damage.

Step 2: Unplug the Devices
Following power disconnection, unplug the affected devices from any additional devices, such as printers, UPS, or chargers. This ensures complete isolation, minimizing the risk of electrical complications during the recovery process.

Step 3: Wipe and Dry the Exterior
Gently wipe and dry the device’s exterior using a soft, absorbent cloth. Carefully remove any visible water on the surface. Avoid using heat sources, as excessive heat can cause additional harm to sensitive components.

Step 4: Do Not Try to Open the Device
Resist the temptation to open the device, especially if it is not designed to be easily accessible. Opening the device may expose internal components to further damage and could void any existing warranties.

Step 5: Do Not Turn On
Despite the urgency to check if the device is still functional, resist the urge to turn it on immediately. Turning on a water-damaged device can lead to short circuits and irreversible damage.

Step 6: Get Help From Professionals
Taking help from a professional is the best course of action. Experienced technicians like Techchef Data Recovery have the expertise and tools needed to assess the extent of the damage and carry out proper recovery procedures. Getting professional help increases the chances of recovering valuable data and restoring the working environment of our business.

Final Words

Floodwater damage poses a challenge to the consistency of IT businesses, but with the right actions and strategies, it’s possible to recover valuable data.

Techchef has more than two decades of experience and expertise in IT disaster recovery. We have successfully recovered data from water damage, power outages, system crashes, and both natural and human-made disasters. We provide expert data recovery services for all storage media, ranging from hard disks to RAID servers.

So, why worry when Techchef can help you recover your lost IT business due to water floods or any natural or human-made disaster? Simply schedule an appointment with our experts via our toll-free number, 1800-313-1737 for a fast and reliable IT and data recovery solution.

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