How much does data recovery cost?

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November 19, 2020


One most common question about data recovery is, how expensive are they? There are so many data recovery experts, right from amateur to professional experiences, each charging vividly. Thus, it leaves us in a dilemma as to who would be an ideal solution to our problems and are they worth it? Author Kajal Aswal View […]

Data loss is the last thing that you would wish to experience and for any business, it is no less than a nightmare! Despite this, you will be surprised to know that at some point of time you have to spend quite a buck to get yourself out of the disaster.

Causes of Data Loss

Data loss can be unpredictable, and without any plan, you will find yourself in the most difficult situations of all. If you are wondering what causes data loss and how you might get caught up once in your business life with data loss situation, then, here is a chart that can explain you varied reasons. So make sure you don’t let these challenges get you in trouble and be one step ahead.

41% of data loss occurs due to Hardware failure. To some extent, this factor is uncontrollable and therefore ranks in the top position for data loss.

29% of all covers the human error, which is definitely under control if proper precautions and steps are taken. A thorough understanding of the computer & hard drive will never lead to anything like this.

13% from the rest covers software corruption, and this usually happens when the software gets malfunctioned, breakdown, power failure resulting in software destruction, and so on.

9% of theft cases are recorded every time that leads to data not just lost but in the wrong hand as well. It can be the worst situation of all that a business owner faces.

3% is the hardware destruction problems, which again is uncontrollable. If your computer is operated seamlessly, regular checking and updating are being done, you won’t face such a problem.

6% of computer virus cases are recorded and they are the most unpleasant ones of all. No one wishes to experience malware or virus issues and therefore proper precaution to safeguard data needs to be taken.

How much does the “Best Buy” charge to recover Data?

Best Buy is a leading technology product provider and service, a solution that offers customers to visit the store and buy the product online through the application. Their total tech support provides the ultimate benefit for data recovery as well. One can make use of their in-store service as well as onsite service to remove any problems that a customer’s face.

Their data recovery is pretty expensive that ranges $49.99, whereas the data backup or transfer in-store costs about $99.99. They also provide home base service for Data Backup or Transfer Over 100 GB, their price is $149.99. Further for data Backup or Transfer Under 100 GB, they charge $99.00.

This company headquartered in Richfield; Minnesota has a price range pretty expensive. For those companies who wish to recover their lost data anyhow, you must not fail to review in detail the data recovery companies and choose an ideal one. The data recovery process is very expensive but worth it.

Per-Gigabyte data recovery doesn’t work in this case.

At some level, data recovery costs might all make sense, knowing that the situation requires a costly procedure to follow. However, you might ask yourself, if a lesser GB needs to retrieve, the money should be less, isn’t it?

There are ample of factors that cost less or more depending entirely on how many gigabytes of the data has been used. And Afterall, 15GB data takes lesser time to recover than that of the 400GB data. So why wouldn’t there be a difference in the pricing?

The only difference that you can consider in this case is the machine time utilized to pull off the data and get it back into position. Machine time is the amount of time that a machine performs to dig in deep and drive in all the data. It can be cheaper if it takes relatively lesser machine time, manpower, and even efforts by the data engineers.

The Primary factors for Affecting the Data Recovery Cost:

Hourly rate/ expertise
Replacement of parts cost
Replacement of media
Quality Guarantee
Clean Room Environment
Research & Development
Internal Media

Data Recovery Cost Break Down.

For a company that wishes to repair their hard drive frequently, for them having an expensive tool and a highly trained set of data engineers are two things to invest their money at. A special environment called cleanroom needs to be maintained as well and all of these requirement results to a mandatory success of your data recovery.

If you wish to see the results of your data recovery solution, you need to invest your money and time both at a professional data recovery specialist who has all these resources to cater to your complex needs. They also hold an extensive array of drives and other parts that might be required for repair. These parts and components are also expensive and having them fitted in, into your drive need time and effort.

All of these things together sum up to make your data recovery experience pretty costly, which is technically worth it. No one can forget the most important part of all in the data recovery service, the labour charges. At Techchef, we have all the necessary tools both electronic components and mechanical to fix your complex issues. Along with that, there are highly trained, skilled, and certified data engineers to guide you with all possible help.

We charge the best price and you’ll also see the results-driven out from it which are worth it. You will be glad to know that we are the leading data recovery expert and prominent for the quality service, success rate, and of course the experts that are our strong assets.

Data Loss & Disaster Statistic that will Blow Your Mind.

For an estimate, it was found that about 1.89% of the hard drive was failed in 2020. You can protect your data from being corrupted or lost forever if a proper backup plan in place.

39% of the small and medium-sized businesses do not have any plan for data breach and cyber-attack, this despite being a popular concern is not addressed by companies.

22% of all the folders in the computer of a company are open to everyone, which means the bigger the company the more files are potential to being compromised.

28% of the data breaches are a result of the malware.

The causes of data loss are major because of the human error and physical thought, with that 17% is said to the percentage of data breaches due to malware.

One thing to be happy about is that 97% of the data is recovered and possible after a ransomware attack. Even if the data is recovered, the chances of full data recovery may not be possible.

For small companies, the hour of downtime is estimated to cost up to $8,000 and medium companies are probably going to face severe costs up to $74,000. While large enterprises break the record for $700,000.

Small businesses are seen to store their data and maintain a good backup of all the crucial information they want to access in the cloud. The estimate was about 93% of small business which have a follow-up of the disaster recovery plan.

“The 2020 Outbound Email Data Breach”

The risk of data security related to email isn’t something new. 93% of the IT leaders are said to have surveyed that their organization suffered data breaches and data loss through the outbound email in the last 1 year. Considering the estimate based on the statistic, it is said that email data breach happens to be approximately every 12 working hours.

Data breach brings the possibility of data loss and security of the company that can even spoil the reputation. The rise of outbound marketing through email is a result of COVID-19 and remote working as well. Therefore, the risk seems to be escalating with increased email traffic since the COVID-19 came into the picture.

Tradition security tools are not set to be appropriate in the current times.

The research conducted found that these major breaches are not sufficient with traditional tools and it needs new technology to be protected through. Employees aren’t upgraded with new techniques, tools and technology, which is why the data breaches occur and data loss is very common in scenarios like these. Therefore, no one can detect the abnormal condition of the computer until a data breach occurs, and its already too late.

Techchef Can Help you Recover your Lost Data.

When you are in an extremely horrible condition, with no knowledge of getting out of it, there is only one way to solve it. Reaching out to a professional service provider who knows exactly what they are doing for you. Techchef is the leading data recovery service provider where we are well equipped with everything that it takes to get your data back to place.

Being certified, you can trust in the service that we provide it to you. Our efforts are to gain maximum data that is lost so you can relax and only trust in us. We are aware of the data being extremely sensitive and confidential, we keep your data highly secured. Our cleanroom environment is the place where the recovery process works. Our charges are quite affordable you will realize that it’s worth it.

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