How much does it Cost to Recover Data from a Hard Drive?

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March 25, 2021


Losing your valuable files like your favourite movies, action games, memorable photos, videos, and other confidential information due to a failed computer hard disk is not less than a heartbreak. Author Divya Jain View all posts

You are most likely to lose data when your system’s hard drive fails, corrupts, malfunction or crashes. Thanks to hard drive data recovery services that have the potential to retrieve lost files.

After hearing about expert data recovery services, the first question that pops-up in mind is, “how much it will cost to recover data from a hard drive?”

Understanding the causes and types of hard drive failures and solutions, according to them, can clear your mind about what factors affect the data recovery cost.

Types of Hard Drive Failure :

Logical failure: The logical hard drive failure differs from physical failure as there is no physical harm to the drive hardware. Logical failure can occur due to the following reasons that lead to system failure, corruption and malfunction.

Deleted files
Accidentally formatted partition
Malicious files
Crashed files
Overwritten data

Physical failure: Physical or mechanical failures affect the hardware of the drive, and these issues are complex than logical failure that takes more efforts to retrieve lost files

Accidental drop or jerk of the device
Power or electrical surges
Water or fire damage
Bad sectors on hard disk platter
Scratches on the disk platter

Factors that affect the data recovery cost of a hard disk

A data recovery expert service can cost a little higher than your expectation, depending on the type of failure of the hard disk. These cost of recovering data from a hard drive can range from a hundred to thousands of dollars depending on these factors

Logical or mechanical failure: There is a thick cost difference between the logical and physical failure of the hard drive as different tools, techniques and turnaround time differ at both the options.

Turnaround time: The TAT or turnaround time is the total time your failed or dead hard drive is going to take to get recovered in a given period

Spare parts: The replacement of fresh spare parts of the same model and batch can also cost higher if your hard drive has mechanical failures and some parts need to be replaced.


As the name refers, a cleanroom is a specialized room to recover mechanically damaged hard disks that can’t be repaired in a typical environment. The disk platters are highly sensitive, and tiny dust particles can damage the platter leading to inaccessible data loss. A cleanroom has specific dust-free and smoke-free conditions to recover physically damaged hard drives.

Experts training

Years of experience, training, and hard work make a specialist expert in retrieving data from complicated, hard disk data loss situations. The time to time training and technical study is worth the cost and time to retrieve your data safely.

Tips to save your valuable data from data loss situations:

Offline backup: To access your data anytime and save time and money, make sure to keep a copy of your essential data files to host devices like an external hard drive or pen drive. This way, you can free yourself from data loss problems and access data without wasting time and money on professional data recovery services.

Online backup: Keep updating your backup on online cloud storage like iCloud by apple and google photos or Google drive by Google that can free up space from your device, and files can be accessed on other working devices by logging with your account.


The data recovery specialist charges higher due to the factors that affect the cost of data recovery of a failed or dead hard drive. You are fortunate enough to have a backup saved on other devices even if your hard disk has failed, corrupted or dead; definitely, a time saving and cost-cutting way to access your personal files.

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