How to Diagnose a Malfunctioning SD Card in 6 steps

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July 12, 2021


Many reasons like file system corruption, bad sectors, improper handling of SD card can cause corruption in the SD card. This article will help you to diagnose your corrupted or malfunctioning SD card with the six quick steps which will help you to recover your SD card. Author Divya Jain View all posts

1. Insert card to other devices: It might be possible that your current device does not recognize your SD card or not detecting it. You can plug it into another device to check if the SD card is working in normal condition.

2. Assign a drive letter to the SD card manually: When your screen flashes” error messages” while operating the SD card, it may be the operating system that is not reading it.

It can be because your system hasn’t assigned a drive letter to your SD card, so you should assign a drive letter manually in the OS settings.

3. Doable write-protected mode: When you cannot modify any of the files in your SD card, don’t immediately misunderstand it as corruption. It might be the write-protected lock that you need to unlock to access your files.

4. Reinstall the drive: You can once reinstall the computer to see if the SD is working properly. Sometimes it is the computer’s drive that isn’t behaving well.

5. Data recovery professionals: Last but not the least, data recovery specialists can do wonders when it comes to storage device corruption or failure. With appropriate tools and high-tech skills, they can provide the best SD data recovery solutions.


An SD card is a sensitive storage device, and that’s why it is prone to corruption or failures. Following these steps will help you diagnose if there is still hope of accessing your SD card files and checking if it’s working normally.

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