How to Permanently Delete Your Confidential Data?

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August 18, 2020


Today, the data that we store, share have become the most important asset of our life. Various technologies collect, store, and share data from multiple sources so it can be analyzed, utilized, and derived from it. To truly delete your files and data from your hard drive you will be required to fill the spaces […]

How to Permanently Delete Your Confidential Data?Today, the data that we store, share have become the most important asset of our life. Various technologies collect, store, and share data from multiple sources so it can be analyzed, utilized, and derived from it. To truly delete your files and data from your hard drive you will be required to fill the spaces that the data usually occupied.

We have always believed that deleting data by the delete key and emptying from the Trash Bin would clear it, but that is not true. Most of the user wants to know how to delete the files permanently without getting it recovered. This operation seems to be effortless and to implement it there are few steps to follow.

What Kind of Data is Impossible to Recover?

1. Permanently Erased: Once the wiping out process is carried, the files become impossible to be recovered by any of the data recovery software. Especially the number of times to wipe the hard disk is maximum, the data recovery becomes extremely unrecoverable.

2. Data Being Overwritten: After data loss, you continue to use the hard drive to fill in space and the storage and write the new data on it. This makes the old data being overwritten by the new one. It becomes solely impossible for the data to recover after it has become completely overwritten.

How People Commonly Delete Data?

1.Delete Keys: Most of us use the simple Delete Keys to remove the data completely from the computer. And as soon as you perform the function, the data then gets moved to the Recycle Bin. From there, anyone can restore it from the Recycle Bin and get their deleted data back. After a few days, the data automatically gets removed from the Recycle Bin. The computer then will not be able to get recovered in any possible way.

2.Shift + Delete: The Shift+ Delete is also a way to make deleted data. This is also said to be one way to delete the data permanently as it does not transfer your data to the Recycle Bin. And this is how you cannot access your data completely. Recovering it seems a little impossible though. But none of these ways can permanently erase the Data.

Though it appears that the data can never be recovered permanently, but these methods only handle the temporary solution. The data is still on the hard drive or storage device and it is only deleted, but not wiped.

When you store data on the hard drive, it probably acquires that particular sector. This sector is noted down in the hard drive’s address book. So, whenever you wish to access the file, the address booklets the computer know where the data is stored. And then this can be retrieved easily. So, when you use the Delete, Shift+ Delete it only erases the information from the address book. In the address book, the information is no longer accessible. Unless and until a new data isn’t overwritten the data is stored in those sectors.

How to Permanently Delete Files from the Computer without getting it Recovery?

When you delete a file from your computer by using the keys like Delete key or Shift + Delete keys, it isn’t erased. It continues to be present on your hard drive, although not able to see where, after you empty your Recycle Bin.

Therefore, if you attempt to give your hard drive to someone else, they are bound to get your confidential files. Even though you think you have deleted it, you haven’t. This gives the user the chance of recovering data easily. In such cases, if you permanently wish to delete your files, you must wipe it out completely. So that even though you put a lot of effort to get it back, you won’t as they are deleted forever!

Windows don’t support a built-in software or tool that can scan and wipe your data completely if you wish to. But there is a wide array of tools that one can make use of.

Can the confidential data be accessed from the computer even after the data is deleted?

There are many data recovery software and program that can allow one to recover or access the data which got deleted. This can be done by a professional service provider as well, who are well versed with the technology and the process. And that is why it is crucial for you to understand the importance of permanently deleting the data. So, no recovery software can help access the data by any means.

How to delete permanently without moving to Recycle Bin?

By default, when you press the delete key to delete the files, they are going to be stored in the recycle bin. From there, one can again restore the file if they have mistakenly deleted it. If you are one to delete your files and don’t want the recycle bin store it, so there is no future use of it. There are possible ways to do so.

Right-click on the Recycle Bin and choose the system “properties” Select the drive that you wish your data should be permanently deleted.
Then click the option “Don’t move it to the Recycle Bin, remove files immediately when deleted”
Remove files after the above steps are completed and see what happens next
When you check the button, then click “Apply” and “Ok” to save the setting.
This is one best way to make sure you do not have to worry about cleaning your Recycle Bin again and again. You are saved from this mess!

How to Delete files permanently without getting it recovered on Android?

If you own an Android phone and you are wondering whether pictures stored on the Android can be deleted permanently or not. You are in the right spot, as you can!

If in case you have lost data from your Android phone, there is ultimate data recovery software for Android which can help you get back data. Like your contact details, SMS, apps, video, audio, and documents.

There are free and reliable ways for getting your files deleted permanently. This can be found easily on the app store which helps you erase the files, data completely from your phone without worrying.

How to Permanently Delete Files Shortcut?

File shortcut is a very common thing that occurs as soon as you save a file or the file gets stored on your computer. These shortcut files are created, which is a copy of the original files but with occupying lesser space. In situations like these, follow the steps given below:

Use Directory Structure
Go to the spot that says local directory path and find Desktop
Find the shortcut option and then right-click on it to remove it
If not, you can press the Shift+ Delete option so you need not have to erase it from the Recycle Bin too
If you see some error is approaching on your way of deleting it, simply rename the file.
If this doesn’t work, you can use a tool for wiping it. There are wipe tools that can help you with this mess
Boot your computer in a safe mode. Now this will ensure the shortcut files are deleted possibly.

Data wiping out isn’t an easy process, especially if it is a confidential data, you wouldn’t want to risk it. Do you wish to keep the data in the hard drive knowing that it is present in there somewhere? And would you give your device to someone else knowing that they can get your data by any possible means, accidentally or purposely? In this situation reaching to smart professional service provider make sense.


Techchef Data Recovery & Data Sanitization

There is no better place than seeking help from a highly expert group of technical at Techchef. We are a smart hard drive data sanitization service provider and with us, there is nothing you need to worry about. We ensure 100% erasure of your data is considered to ensure there is nothing left in your device before you give it to someone else.

Erasure as a service can help the data sanitization process works wonderfully. This ensures that your data is effectively wiped out without making you feel worried about it. In fact, you will have an update of everything and anything that takes place.

We are also into a data recovery solution, so accidental or disastrous reasons for your data loss won’t be a big problem. Our expert uses cleanroom space to handle all the data work for you and then you are updated with the news of the progress of our work. We feel proud to admit that our help has ensured clients get a success rate of 100%.

We use advanced techniques and technologies as well as a tool to perform data erasure and recovery in no time You can put your faith in us and we ensure the trust is maintained with 100% results guaranteed.

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