How to Protect Business from RAID 50 Failure and Data Recovery Service

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April 3, 2021


Most businesses have central storage of databases where vital business assets and files are stored securely. In small to medium-scale businesses, RAID arrays are primarily used to store their data from 0,1,5,10 to 50. Author Divya Jain View all posts

In RAID 50 configuration, RAID 0 is striped across RAID 5 that offers better fault tolerance, and high read/write performance than RAID 5 without a single point of failure in RAID 0.

RAID 50 is used by many businesses that wish for better performance and a value for storage efficiency. Despite being a multiple RAID failure sustainability, RAID 50 is also susceptible to disk failures.

When multiple disks tend to fail within the same Set, this can cause RAID 50 failure, and due to failure in the configuration, you can lose your business files vital to continue your workflow.

Causes of RAID 50 Failure

Multiple causes contribute to the failure of a RAID configuration that renders your business data inaccessible that can be achieved later with RAID 50 data recovery service.

Failure in RAID Controller
Parity Loss
Multiple Hard disk Failures in the same Set
Virus Damage
File Corruption
Accidental Deletion or Formatting partition
Failed RAID Rebuild

RAID 50 Data Recovery Service

To have a professional RAID 50 recovery, you need a devoted engineering team that understands all RAID configuration. Hire a specialist from Professional centers with dedicated inventories to effectively repair your RAID with special technologies to recover all lost files. The experts provide RAID recovery solutions prioritizing your data privacy and give maximum recovery success rates.

Tips to Prevent further Data Loss in RAID 50 failure

When your RAID 50 fails, you need to take steps right away to minimize logical and physical damage and prevent further data loss.

Immediately turn off the RAID system to reduce overwritten data.
Avoid attempting DIY RAID recovery
Avoid rebuilding RAID disks
Do not attempt to run utilities like Chkdsk or Scandisk.
Contact RAID data recovery service or a specialist right away.


Mostly every RAID array configuration can be prone to numerous failures despite the fault tolerance feature. This way, your precious business files can be lost that obstruct the working of the organization.

Always save RAID data recovery specialists’ contacts as no obstacle can come in your life knocking on the door.

It can happen anytime and in a sudden moment, and keep a good eye on the RAID failure moments to report the specialist about the problems occurring in your RAID 50. It will help them to work accurately on your failed RAID configuration.

Why Rely on Techchef?

Techchef is one of the most trusted brands for recovering data for all RAID configuration levels, including 0,1,5,10, and 50, etc. Our highly skilled and trained engineers with 15+ years of rich experience effectively recover data from failed, crashed, or corrupted RAID systems and deliver you the most reliable solutions with 100% recovery success assurance. We have dedicated RAID inventories to repair and retrieve the system with appropriate tools and technologies that give you the desired results with 100% data security.

Worried about your business data loss? Contact us right away and visit to get the most trusted RAID data recovery solutions at reasonable prices.

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