How to Recover Deleted Files From Recycle Bin?

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January 5, 2022


Are you also thinking about recovering data from an empty Recycle Bin? If yes, then this article is definitely for you. But, before we proceed further, let’s know the recycle bin and how the Recycle Bin works. Author Divya Dhami View all posts

What is a Recycle bin, and how does it work?

While working on your system, you deleted your important data without realizing it? Now, the question is what to do? Fortunately, windows have a Recycle Bin that stores all the deleted data unless the user deletes them permanently from the system. Although it allows users to restore or recover deleted data to its original location.

Since Windows 95, Windows provides this safety net to its users. They are not removed from the hard drive until the user permanently deletes them. Additionally, to prevent files and folders from uploading in the Recycle Bin, you can use the shortcut key, Shift + Delete key combination. Furthermore, if you delete a file or folder with the help of DOS Command Prompt, neither the files can move to the recycle bin nor can they be restored.

Is recovering data from the Recycle bin possible?

Windows users generally face the problem that Windows doesn’t come with its innate data recovery software. Moreover, it almost seems impossible for the user to recover the permanently deleted data. However, data recovery in windows from the Recycle Bin is possible with the help of external softwares. It is not at all impossible as it seems. Further, in this article, we shall discuss the possibility of data recovery from the recycle bin and how to recover or restore data from the recycle bin.

Here are the tips on how it is possible to recover data from Recycle Bin with a few technical tricks. Recycle Bin is generally a storeroom where deleted data is saved. Once you delete files from your system, it is stored in the recycle bin. And the storage space that is marked as occupied is the space available, which means applications and softwares can use the space. However, the original file will remain inaccessible to restore until the space is used. Hence, data recovery from the recycle bin is possible in this way.

How to recover data from the recycle bin?

You can recover files and folders from the recycle bin on your desktop, laptop, or windows in different ways. Let’s discuss the various methods of data recovery from recycle bin below:

Direct restoration: First, double-click the icon and open the recycle bin, then locate and select whichever file or folder you need to restore. After finding the file, double-click or right-click on the file and choose to restore. After this simple method, you will find that the recycle bin will restore the deleted file to its original location. Direct data restoration is the simplest and easiest way to recover from a recycle bin.

Accidental deletion, corruption or formatting:

Let’s head to the more technical method, in which we will discuss the effective restoration of data on windows against accidental deletion, formatting or corruption.

First, make sure which external hard drive and SSD or something you want to restore the file and folder. To restore on an external device, first, plug on into your system and follow these simple steps

Restoration through file history:

This method is similar to the previous one. However, this is more effective on the latest versions of windows through activating file history on your drive before the files get deleted permanently. First, open the deleted files folder and click on the history button. After clicking on the history button, it will display the file on the recent backup. Then, select the file or folder you want to retrieve and get your data restored through this easy process.

Through Disk drill:

Further in this article, this method is proven successful. Disk drills are usually highly recommended by IT professionals. Here are the steps are given below :

Download and install Disk drill
Select the file or folder contained in the recycle bin
Preview the selected file you want to restore
Click the ‘Recover’ button to proceed with the restoration
After completing the recovery, the disk drill will display ‘Data recovery complete.’
That’s how you can restore your deleted files from the recycle bin.

Conclusion :

Having discussed all the essential restoration methods above related to data recovery from the recycle bin. If any such method doesn’t work for you or the outcome doesn’t satisfy you, choosing a professional data recovery service would be a rational choice in such scenarios. And who else better than Techchef Data Recovery solutions? To have a free consultation with our experienced professionals, Visit our website or Call us at 1800-313-1737(toll-free) and get the most reliable and trusted data recovery solutions any time with minimal TAT.

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