How to Recover Lost Files and Data from NAS

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March 17, 2021


Most small businesses and individuals prefer using NAS storage that meet the need for efficient and inexpensive network storage. Author Divya Jain View all posts

A NAS storage is easy to maintain and continually accessible, but the multiple disks enclosed inside fails; It can render your business data inaccessible and break the workflow. Some number of reasons cause NAS system failures and kick you out of your carefree zone.

NAS adds capacity to a PC or network so the data is in a centralized location that can be accessed by an authorized user in the firm or the business. RAID configurations like RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 are commonly used in NAS storage.

NAS can be used for multiple disk storage, and additional disks can be added anytime, but the more disks are stored in NAS, the more complex the NAS data recovery becomes in times of failure.

Reasons for NAS failures

Apart from being inexpensive and efficient database storage, NAS can go through various failures due to several reasons of physical and logical damage that causes NAS storage failure

Controller failure
Human error(accidentally deleted data, formatted data)
Fire or water damage
Power surge
Malware or virus attack
Firmware problems
One or multiple disk failure

How to recover failed NAS

The NAS data recovery process depends on the extent of damage to the centralized storage. An in-depth diagnosis can be made by NAS data recovery specialists that make a detailed report of the failed device.

The lost data or files can be recovered if the expert has dedicated NAS tools and modern labs specialized for complicated NAS recovery purposes.

The recovery success rate goes from 96% up to 100%, only assured by specialists who implement the best course of action to recover NAS data successfully. This way, you can access your lost data again and get business workflow back on track.

What to do in NAS failure?

In emergencies, when your NAS stops working and interrupts the business workflow, immediately shut down the device to reduce further damage and data loss.
Avoiding any data recovery software as running and installing any program can overwrite data that reduces the chance of lost data recovery. It won’t work on physical failure, making the damage worse.


NAS might be a better database storage option for small-scale businesses and individuals for its efficient and inexpensive features, but that doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to failures. Damage can occur anytime without giving you any prior notice and ruin your business workflow. Contact a NAS data recovery specialist as soon as you notice any failure symptoms in the NAS storage to minimize the damage and data loss.

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