How to Recover Ransomware Encrypted data and Secure files from Malicious Programs

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April 9, 2021


Has your system ever gone through the pop-up message like this “ your file*ext. have been attacked by ransomware”? Do you have any idea what happened to your files? Ransomware is a malicious infection that encrypts your files in your system that remain inaccessible until you pay a quoted amount to decrypt the files. Author […]

The scenario might be panicking for you if you are dealing with this for the first time. Hackers design the ransomware encryption with unique keys that can only be cracked by them or an expert ransomware data recovery service.

What happens when your files get Encrypted

Some of your files in the system with jpg., or text., when attacked by ransomware, files may appear with some additional extensions linked to encryption like Arrow, Exorcist 2.0, Txt (Xorist), Dusk, CRPTD, Copa, etc. The encrypted files get inaccessible until a quoted amount demanded by the hacker is paid. However, there is no guarantee that you will get your files back after spending a massive amount on your file decryption. This may impose identity theft or security threats to you when your personal or confidential files get encrypted.

How to Protect yourself from Ransomware?

Beware of every single message or alert on your computer or system that can expose ransomware on your personal or valuable files. These tips can protect your vital files from ransomware.

Do not click on irrelevant messages or attachments, or links present in them.
Do not tap on fake windows and update pop-up messages.
Report your system encryption to the cybercrime portal in your area.
Create your file data backup in other host devices.
Do not access the system if files are encrypted.
Install a good anti-malware program in your system.
Keep updating the anti-malware program and scan your system regularly.

How to Recover Ransomware Encrypted Files

Before you proceed to ransomware data recovery service, make sure you report the scenario to authorities to stop further action from the ransomware party. Ransomware data recovery tools can work for you to an extent as they might fail to recover and scan all the files. Professional data recovery services have specialized tools and technologies to give maximum recovery results with assurance. They have dedicated decryption tools that can crack your encrypted files and get back to you securely.


Calm yourself firstly; panicking is not the right solution. Keep connecting to the cybercrime departments or report your ransomware case to online cybercrime portable so that authorities can take legal actions against the hacker. Follow the tips to prevent your vital file from a ransomware attack that can shield your system from malicious programs and data encryption.

Techchef can Recover your Files Safely

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