Is there any way to recover data from a formatted hard drive?

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July 11, 2020


Formatting of Hard drive is a situation we never want to face. If it is an important hard drive that gets formatted, the data can become impossible to access. The first question that arises after the occurrence of this mishap is, whether there is any way to recover data from a formatted hard drive? Author […]

The possibility of a file to be recovered or not can be unknown. And there are many reasons why the data gets formatted, so knowing the root cause is equally important. One can understand the ability to recover data only after knowing what caused it.

Data loss due to formatting can be a serious issue, especially if it is of business use. Recovery from formatting can be a tedious task, but most importantly is the way of doing it.

 Why one needs to format a Hard drive? 

Formatting is usually done on purpose by the individual, but then there is a backup of data done in advance. Formatting can be done for many purposes which include firmware problem, Internal error, hard drive crash, and so on. Two major reasons why one chooses to perform formatting of the hard drive is because of:

Hard drive failure: Having improper access to your CPU results in fast healing that often leads to a hard disc crash. There are many cases where you hear some unstable and noisy sound of clicks. In such cases, the formatting of the device is done to ensure smooth running.

Corrupt : The computer suddenly acts up strange by shutting off completely now and then. This is a major phenomenon because of the files being corrupted starts troubling your daily routine work. This calls for computer formatting that can help computer work normally.

 Formatting of hard drive data that is beyond your control:

Accidental formatting
Reformatting due to system update
Unexpected formatting
Improper operation
Power outages
Software corruption

These are usually formatting that occurs out of uncertainty. The problem is beyond your control, and this can wholly or partially damage your data.

All the above reasons are why formatting is needed, so the question is how to keep your data safe and recovery possible?

Formatting and Data Recovery is Uncertain:

As we have discussed that are many reasons why a hard drive gets formatted. But one thing is sure, we do know that formatting might occur randomly or purposely. When it occurs out of uncertainty, no one is aware in advance that such instances could take place. Further, such a sudden problem can cause panic and stress. When files and documents can no longer be accessed, panicking is the most common thing.

It is best not to do anything with the device and instead consult a professional data recovery service provider. One can also make use of data recovery software, as it can be of great help.

Is it Possible to recover the lost data? 

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You might panic at first and wonder is the data recovery possible. Usually, when a format occurs in your hard drive one might have clicked the “quick format” option. This is when a new file system gets created. The file system is handling the distribution of data through various sectors.

This is usually the temporary formatting of the data, which can be accessed as it only hides the file. When a quick format occurs, the drive with a file system that includes NTFS, HFS, APFS will happen to get into a new registry that is created.

All the files are accessible and in original form in the hard drive, that you can’t see. It is important to find a reliable hard drive recovery program. Prevention is always going to be better than a cure. It is best to diagnose the device and the reason for the format. The latest technological development will always help us handle the technical errors.

You might have missed the opportunity of backup, but this doesn’t mean you have lost all the data. There are many data recovery software that can make use of it. The internet is filled with many service providers, professionals who are ready to help you in need of emergencies.

You can trust Techchef and seek help from us without any second thoughts. Our highly trained staff will look forward to your matter, and provide you the outcome.

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