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June 6, 2022


A Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a storage device which is connected to a network, not directly with the computer. It allows retrivation of data from central locations to different authorised networks. Though NAS devices are not vulnerable, but they can break down due to mechanical issues or following reasons could be the responsible for the […]

Power failure or power surge
Overheating of NAS device
Improper shutdowns
Virus attack or Malware attacks
Incorrect setup of network
OS errors
Hard disk network failure
System Failure
Multiple disk failure
Physical damage

As mentioned above, these could be the reason for the NAS device failure. But we are fortunate enough recover our storage from NAS by following these simple steps given below:

Power off the NAS and disconnect all hard drives from it.
Connect all NAS drives to your Windows desktop or laptop via USB cable. Remember to connect all drives at one time
Select data that you want to recover.
Now, click next and choose ‘RAID Recovery’ from the ‘Select Location’ screen and then click ‘Scan’.
Under the ‘RAID Reconstruction’ window, select what RAID configuration your NAS has.
Now, move RAID disks to ‘Move hard drives up/down’ list box using the arrow buttons.
Use an up-down arrow button in order to arrange disks in the correct manner as they were connected in the RAID NAS.
If you are not sure about disk order, then select one or more probable start sectors.
Now, further Select the ‘Build RAID’.

If entered details are correct, then software creates a probable RAID construction and the constructed RAID volumes are displayed to retrieve the data from it.

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Conclusion :

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