Know More About DVR and CCTV Data Recovery Services?

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May 29, 2018


With Data Recovery and DVR Recovery Services, your data carrier is in good hands. We are working step by step to restore your data as quickly and safely as possible. Below you will find more information about the recovery process. Author Divya Jain View all posts

We can perform a data recovery on all brands and types of hard disks. Among other things, IDE, ATA, SATA, SCSI, USB, and all other magnetic data carriers and optical media carriers such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. We have knowledge of all brands of hard drives including desktop, laptop, server, RAID, DVR and Video Recovery, and external hard drives. In case of water damage, arrays, and servers. At peak voltage, lightning strike or problems with the power supply of the system. We can also perform advanced recovery at server arrays for all operating systems including Windows, Apple OSX, Linux. The analysis is free, we work on a no cure no pay basis. Our experts and professional Recover Deleted/Erased videos from DVR with ease and no data loss happens.

In case of Water Damage:

With this type of damage, the shelf life is limited and must be handled immediately while CCTV Recovery Services. The fresh or salt water affects the reading plates and corrodes the metal of the reading plates. Data recovery is still possible in the short term. Different pathways are possible with the hard disk doctor because a different approach may be required for each DVR recovery services. After the analysis (which is free) and on a no cure no pay basis. You decide whether you want the data recovery to continue. Then you have not incurred any costs with data recovery. We work with all types of clients including individuals and companies. In order to be able to make a correct diagnosis ourselves, we have listed a number of examples of faults.

In case of a crash of your CCTV and DVR hard disk. Secure your data in this situation. Do not use the hard disk if an operating system is installed and in use. Do not install software on this hard disk. Do not open the hard disk at the top because it can only be opened in a clean room. Dust particles pollute the hard disk and come between the plates and the read heads where data are stockpiled in magnetic fields. This works so accurately that any deviation from this results in corrupted files and the data is inevitably destroyed and can no longer be recovered. Our high-quality DVR & CCTV Cameras Data Recovery Services assure you to get all your important data back safely.

You will receive a filelist once your data has been restored. This lists all recovered files. Based on this list, it can be determined whether the recovery has been successful. You are requested to check the filelist of Recover Deleted/Erased videos from DVR well. After your approval on the filelist, your data will be delivered on an external hard drive.

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