Know the Top 3 Steps to Recover Data From a Dead or Damaged Hard Drive

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May 23, 2022


We are familiar with the situation when you connect your Hard drive and suddenly you come to know your Hard Drive data has become inaccessible or corrupted. Losing data is one such worst kind of feeling. Hence, we are here for you to share the top three ways to recover your data from a dead […]

You should know that Hard drives are vulnerable like other storage devices. It is very rapid, reliable and one the fastest storage devices of this generation. But like other devices, hard drives are also electronic devices that are a combination of many mechanical parts, and due to any mechanical or logical failure it can break down.

Disasters are a wakeup call to take action beforehand, either take recovery action today or regret tomorrow. Join with us today to protect your data from future disaster.

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The hard drive is one of the important storage devices these days that stores all the data. In the fastest growing generation, it acts as a storage bank and due to this, protecting it is also an important factor. Further in this article, we shall be discussing the three important steps to recover your deleted data from the dead drive :

1.  If you have a dead or damaged hard drive, first connect it to the working desktop or laptop by using a USB cable to restore the data. You can also opt for an external USB cradle that accepts all types of hard drives to restore its data.

2.  Another step is that when your data becomes unable to recover all the inaccessible or undetectable data from your HD, then after connecting it to the desktop or laptop use a restoration method which can be followed after connecting HD. However, in severe situations, expert solutions and lab recovery are needed to protect your data from permanent data loss.

3. Through Disk Drill you can also try to recover your data. Disk drills allow users to recover data from external hard drives, SD memory cards, or other storage devices.

Steps to recover data from disk drill :
Download and install Disk Drill
Select the file you want to recover and click on the ‘Recover’ button.
Preview files you want to restore
Select and save files. And make a copy of your data as well.

However, it is advised to seek professional data recovery services in complicated or severe cases.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, we would like to suggest you choose suitable data recovery methods as per your damaged or dead hard drives. In addition to that, if you are looking for professional data recovery services or expert advice, then you should connect with Techchef to get the best professional advice. For more details and queries, get in touch with us today by visiting our official website or call us at 1800-313-1737

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