Make Your Workplace Ready for Covid-19 with Professional Disinfection Services

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May 1, 2020


The outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of hardships to our nation. It’s continuous and fast spread has been an issue of major concern. Well, these are tough times. Author Kajal Aswal View all posts

Due to the widespread COVID-19 virus, the threat to our workplaces including corporate houses, business parks, and industrial houses is severe. Subsequently, to prevent the spread of this deadly virus and mitigate its impact on businesses, workers, customers, and the public, it is best to ensure maximum safety from our side. Since there is no vaccine for the virus it is best to avert the spread of infection by reducing exposure to it. The virus can make its way through anywhere; it can be present on your office furniture or equipment and can be carried by your employees unknowingly. 

Therefore, to destroy the habitat of viruses completely you need professional disinfection and sanitization services. As per official advisory recommendations from prominent health organizations the impact of the virus at workplaces can be significantly reduced by considering professional cleaning/disinfection services. In light of the worsening of the outbreak, these services come as a relief for business setups. They help employers get prepared to eradicate the risk of virus spread. By providing complete sanitization of IT assets, furniture, and office building, these services prevent the spread of infection at your workplace. Mentioned below are some of the

highlights of a reputed disinfectant and sanitization service provider:

Identifying touch points and preparing a plan to kill all surface-deposited viruses on suspected areas.
Providing complete protection kits including hand sanitizers, face masks, thermal camera, hand gloves, infrared thermometer, PPE kit for cleaning personnel.
Considering the contagious nature of the virus using advanced procedures such as virus wiping, high-pressure steam treatment, and ULV fogging.
Removing contamination from surface including all IT assets in an organization such as a computer, laptop, Server, keyboard, telephones, and networking room.
Issuing guidance regarding the proper disposal of used tissues.
Briefing employer and employees on hygienic workplace practices.
Thorough decontamination of high contact areas.


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Professional sanitization and disinfection services on a continuous basis through the pandemic can help organizations keep their employees safe and free of concerns. Since the risk of a virus can make employees uncomfortable and reluctant to report, therefore, sanitization goes a long way. Along with controlling the virus spread, it can reduce anxiety among workers. It can promote healthy well-being and safe working conditions. 

Furthermore, if you choose to sanitize, clean, and disinfect your workplace here are a few recommendations:

Schedule sanitization when there is no occupant in the office building: This will ensure thorough cleaning and is also a safe option for everyone. 

Consider repeated cleaning: The risk of infection can spread very faster. A sanitized facility can become infected again. Therefore, it is essential to consider sanitization on a continuous basis for optimum health and safety. 

Inform occupants on the premises about the sanitization process: For optimum results collaboration from individuals is needed. Thus, it is better that occupants are informed prior so that they have complete peace of mind. 

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is uncertain, thus, it is better to disinfect your workplace. It is the right time for us to prepare for the situation. Simple precautions and measures of disinfecting and sanitizing can help you ensure protection to your employees and business.

Stay safe!!

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