Protect your Data from Natural Disaster with these Five Ways

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June 8, 2021


Unfortunately, natural disasters are unpredictable and don’t give any prior notice before arriving. Author Divya Jain View all posts

Like any disaster plan, a data disaster plan is essential for a business to protect its assets and other credential data that might be the pillar for the business to survive.

Including data recovery software in your plan can be helpful but not a reliable option at a professional level. So, before the natural disaster knocks out your entire business, here are the pro five tips to protect your valuable data at all cost.

1. UPS: You must have a balanced power supply like a UPS ( uninterrupted power supply) to protect your essential data assets if a lightning storm hits the power supply. Lightenings are of high voltages that can severely damage the computers. When connected to a UPS, you get enough time to save and shut down your running files and programs properly.

2. Store data in a second drive: Employ extra drives and store copies of the data that are a priority. This works as a physical backup option that can exempt any data loss problem at the emergency.

3. Put the systems higher from the ground: In the flood calamity, most probably, the water level will be at the foot, so a higher level of ground can save your system to an extent. Move your PC to the higher level, like on a desk, to escape from the flood for some moment. You will get enough time to move your PC from the disaster site.

4. Make offsite data backup: Offsite backup is the ideal way to escape from any inevitable data loss from a natural disaster. If you preserve your data in an offsite backup like a cloud server, you won’t have to worry. The cloud server provides remote data access, which could be the best option in times of abrupt data loss.

5. Develop an emergency plan: As a business, you must be prepared at the very start by developing a data disaster plan and line out all the possibilities that can cause inevitable data loss. This will minimize the data loss chances, and you will get enough time to protect your business assets and data from disaster scenarios.


Planning a data disaster plan can be as effective as a data recovery solution can be! To run your business smoothly, it’s important to continue the operations without any interruptions. So, make sure you shield your business against any natural calamities with these ways. It will help you to minimize the chances of data loss. Immediately connect to a data recovery specialist in case of sudden data loss to get the fastest and reliable solutions.

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